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The Julian Bakery began in the quaint, historical town of Julian, in the mountains above San Diego, California in 1990. An expansion led the business to the seaside community of La Jolla, California, still in the county of San Diego. The Julian Bakery is proud to now have two locations in La Jolla, CA and in Oceanside, CA.

The Proprietor

Barbara Squier, a nutritionist and baking visionary. Barbara lives a natural, spiritual lifestyle, creating heavenly breads from God’s endless bounty.

Message from Barbara

Hello, welcome to our Julian Bakery website. I am the owner of the Julian Bakery and a nutritionist. I have designed our breads to be low in carbohydrates, high in protein & fiber and to carry the maximum amount of nutrition in every slice. We use organic ingredients whenever possible and always buy the freshest ingredients to prevent ingredients from being rancid, this achieves more flavor. In recent years we have learned the importance of living a gluten free life and have transitioned all products we sell to be gluten free. We are proud that 100% of our products currently are gluten free & GMO-Free. We now  have a dedicated Paleo (Grain Free & Gluten Free) section that caters to a growing consumer base of Paleo customers who seek to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Our products promote optimal health and vitality and we look forward to releasing many new products in the years to come.  Heath Squier my son now develops & formulates our Paleo & low carb/gluten free product lines according to principles followed in his own personal Keto/Paleo diet.  


Barbara’s mission is to bring healthy and delicious breads to everyone.


Quality is the heart of the Julian Bakery. Great care is taken to select wholesome, chemical free ingredients, seeds and nuts for stone grinding and in conjunction with a slow culturing process to provide the consumer with the best benefits products can offer, full of protein, and low in carbohydrates.  


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