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Net Carb Zero™ Bread -Cinnamon (0 Net Carbs) (Gluten Free)

$ 8.99

If you love the taste of Cinnamon, then you are in luck. We have combined cinnamon and stevia for a wonderful semi-sweet bread. Net Carb Zero -Cinnamon is gluten free, yeast free, sugar free, soy free, dairy free, and guilt free. Perfect for any diet, diabetic or gluten intolerant person. At 35 calories a slice and 3g Of Protein and 9g fiber per slice this bread is amazing. This bread is ideal at breakfast time as it will keep you feeling satisfied until lunch with 18g of fiber in two slices. We use gluten free oat fiber that is scientifically proven to control blood sugar all day long when eaten in the morning. The best feature of this bread is if you’re on a low carb diet is you can eat Carb Zero on the Induction Phase!     (Freezes for 9+ Months).  It’s also just a great gluten free sandwich bread.  (Lab Tested & Verified) (GI= Zero) (Stay In Ketosis)

Ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Gluten Free Oat Fiber, Egg Whites, Psyllium Seed Powder, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cinnamon, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Potassium Bicarbonate (Potassium), Stevia, Sea Salt.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 slice (43g)
Servings Per Loaf approx 16
Amount Per Serving
Calories 35 Calories from Fat 25
% Daily Value
Total Fat 2.5g 4%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 70mg 4%
Total Carbohydrate 9g 3%
Dietary Fiber 9g 38%
Net Carbs 0g 0%
Sugars 0g  
Protein 3g  
Vitamin A 0% Vitamin C 2%
Iron 2% Calcium 4%
**Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000-calorie a day diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


Taste & Texture Of Net Carb Zero:

Carb Zero bread is moist, spongy, and has the texture of regular bread when toasted. It holds together better than any gluten free bread currently on the market and is ideal for sandwiches. It also makes excellent toast (When toasted on high). The taste of Carb Zero bread is unlike that of Smart Carb bread which is the best tasting Zero Net Carb bread. Carb Zero is free and is made with oat fiber, which gives it a delicious cinnamon flavor.  Cinnamon- Carb Zero Bread  has a touch of sweetness and a wonderful cinnamon taste that makes it amazing for French toast or quick, on-the-go protein in the morning. Our breads are ideal for celiacs, diabetics, and people looking to reach their ideal weight. Also, if you are in the Induction Phase of a low-carb diet and need to stay in Ketosis, then Carb Zero is the perfect bread for you!



  • Krisitna

    Do you have to freeze this breas or keep it in the fridge? And how long does it last?

    • Julian Bakery

      Our breads last 3 weeks in the fridge and 12 months frozen!

  • Jennifer Clason

    Tried your cinnamon Net Carb Zero bread for the first time and I have to tell you… simply amazing!!! I have to admit I was skeptical but you guys knocked it out of the park. Can’t wait to try what else you have. :o) JENNIFER CLASON,

  • Linda Shetzer

    I found this at health foods unlimited near Dayton. What an awesome treat! I have celiac, so I’m always on the lookout for some good g free bread. I’m looking forward to trying the almond or coconut Paleo bread. It’s good to know that I can keep it in the freezer for 3 months.

  • Ben

    Made great French toast using this bread, added a little vanilla to the eggs and topped it with a sugar free maple syrup for a great low carb breakfast.

  • Effie

    I just received my first order of Carb Zero bread. I have been diagnosed as prediabetic and have been on a strict ketogenic diet for one week, so I decided to check my blood sugars after having a slice of the Carb Zero cinnamon bread. My BS was 101 when I began, I had one slice of bread with about a tbsp of real butter on it. One hour later, my BS was 99; two hours later it was 97; three hours later it was down to 91 — not only did my BS drop, the ketostix showed I was still in ketosis! Needless to say I’m thrilled — looking forward to toast with my eggs and bacon, and also sandwiches! I’m going to check and see if I can find it at my local Whole Foods store. Thanks so much!!!

  • darm4132

    you are allowed to subtract fiber from carbs, which would = 0

  • Gella

    I am in the Atkins diet!!!!!!!!!!…is the bread ok for my diet?…

    • Devon

      Yes, its great for the induction phase as well. It has zero net carbs. You get to subtract the dietary fiber from the carb count. Its great. No spike in glucose.

  • Glenda Nichols Lane

    Very good texture and flavor. Tastes great toasted with lots of butter!

  • Julian Bakery

    Yes, it pre-sliced

  • Amy L

    I typically don’t notice Facebook ads, but yours jumped out at me. After looking over your products, I got excited and ordered a couple of zero carb loaves — one of regular bread and one of cinnamon bread. As a diabetic, I haven’t had a real sandwich since I was diagnosed a couple of years ago. The bread arrived last Thursday. Unfortunately, I had to be away from home all day on Friday so I didn’t get to try it until Saturday. The cinnamon scent was so strong that I decided to try some of that with a little peanut butter spread on for breakfast that morning. IT TASTED DELICIOUS! In the past, any low carb or low calorie bread that I’ve tried was pretty much tasteless and boring. Imagine my surprise and delight when the cinnamon bread knocked my socks off! Had a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch and that bread was wonderful, too. I see that my local Hy-Vee store carries your products, but it must not be the bread because I couldn’t find it on the shelves or in the freezer. Guess that means that I will be ordering from you guys again. I can hardly wait! Thank you for making a product that diabetics can eat without having an effect on blood sugar. And are they yummy!!! Thank You- Amy L.

  • Mike Ward

    Why does the nutrition facts above say “Total Carbohydrate 9g” yet you say it has 0 carbs? How do you get Net Carbs at 0g and Total Carbohydrate at 9g? Confused.

    • Julian Bakery

      Mike, Fiber carbs are not digested and all 9g are fiber and do not impact blood sugar or calorie total. That is why the bread has 0 Digestible Carbs!

    • Heather Puzig-Shubert

      It has 9 fibers – you take that away from your carb count. Fiber Good – Carbs Bad = 0 (in this case) :)

    • Janet Bandy

      net carbs are 0 b/c u take the total carbs of 9 and subtract the fiber from it which is 9 which gives u a net of 0

    • Crystal Stone

      Another thing, 9g of carbs for bread is also extremely low, and for this bread, all of the carbs come from fiber. That’s just amazing.

    • Melanie Glennon Williams

      It has zero net carbs. You get that from substracting the fiber. It is the way the carb are absorbed and the effects on your blood sugar.. So It has carbs but zero net carbs

  • Denise R

    My husband and I recently tried the Carb Zero cinnamon bread and were delightfully surprised! My hubby adheres to the South Beach Diet & I am gluten free, so we were both missing bread tremendously. Thank you for making this! Thank You- Denise Rodriguez

  • Amanda Kensington

    Purchased a loaf of Carb Zero – Cinnamon Bread at Natural Grocers in Lafayette, CO. It was the bomb! I like it toasted with either butter or cream cheese. I then sprinkle with Splenda sweetener. It’s one of my favorite breakfast or dessert choices on my low carb diet for the summer! Thank you! :)
    Amanda Kensington

    • Vicki McMahon

      splenda NO!!!

      • Julian Bakery

        Stevia is the best choice!!

  • Robin

    At my work, we have girls who are gluten free, or low carbing, or just trying to cut out ‘junk’. This bakery, and these products are helping us all out! One of my co-workers is so happy that she can put together a breakfast sandwich again and eat it on the way to work. Let’s face it, we are all busy in this day and age. It’s a big relief to be able to put together a fast nutritious lunch and not be all neurotic about carbs or gluten. Thank you!

  • Jody R. Goldenfield

    I so need to try this! My local store carries only 2 of your breads now so I have to see how about special order for this & others I have bought in the past.

  • Gabrielle

    So yummy! So glad I bought so many!

  • Kellie

    Just got the bread and had to rip into a slice right away! The texture is so smooth and just the right amounts of sweet and cinnamon. The French toast idea sounds good. Gotta try that next. Thanks, Julian!

  • SuzanneAlyse

    great with peanut butter!

  • YogaWellnessKate

    Amazing….This bread is perfect for dessert filling & french toast.

  • Karensmilexoxo

    I am so amazed at how moist and soft it is and the cinnamon flavor is soooo good!! I can’t wait to make french toast with it. REALLY NO CARBS??? I would never guess. I thought the one carb bread was great!! Thanks J :)

  • S Preston

    I LOVE the bread and it doesn’t fall apart! It’s great to be able to eat bread without the carbs! Thanks Julian Bakery!

  • Teresa A. Scherrer

    This is great. So glad I found this

  • Debbie G.

    As a diabetic and celiac consumer I am so glad the Julian Bakery has developed a bread for me. After hearing about Carb Zero on Facebook I decided to drive down to their bakery in La Jolla to pick some up. I am so happy to report that this cinnamon Carb Zero bread is great. It’s spongy and moist and toast up like regular bread (when toasted on high). It’s got a nice oat/cinnamon/lite sweet flavor not to mention how much protein it’s providing. This is the best gluten free bread….and now you have a customer for life…thank you thank you Debbie G.

  • Ron Vititoe

    What’s stevia?

    • Julian Bakery

      Stevia is a all natural sugar free zero calorie and zero carb sweetener derived from the Stevia leaf.

  • S_call_99

    We have tired this cinnamon bread..and it is delicious!! We can toast it, or make great breakfast sandwiches with it. We havent tried to make french toast with it, but that is the next thing to try. :)

  • Sarah Gollehon

    Absolutely melts in your mouth………..the texture of velvet

    How can anything that tastes so good be so good for you!!!

  • Sarah Gollehon


    Absolutely melts in your mouth……………..the texture of velvet.

    How can anything that tastes so good be so good for you!!!


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