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Summer is here…time to get in shape and enjoy light summer meals.

Julian Bakery’s Kamut® Bread is only 50 calories per slice, is wheat fee, yeast fee and sweet free.  This bread is made for those who want a very small amount of easy to digest ingredients and is extremely high in protein.

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Kamut® Bread is simply made of Kamut®, millet, amaranth, purified water and sea salt.  A fantastic bread for any weight release program.

Try it with a roasted tomato salad, one of my favorites for summer and so easy.

You can either pile the salad on top of toasted and lightly buttered slices of Kamut® Bread, or just enjoy the toasted bread slices on the side.

Halve fresh, organic tomatoes and place in a baking dish.  Pour a small amount of olive oil over them and a little pepper.

Bake in a preheated over at 400º F, until soft.

You can serve them warm or cold.

Place the tomatoes on a plate and top with fresh basil leaves, torn into small pieces.

Add some balsamic vinegar, a little more olive oil and pepper and top them off with shaved Parmesan cheese.

This simple, elegant dish is low in calories and can be used as a side dish at dinner or as the main course at lunch….just vary the quantity.

Whether you pile the salad on top of the toasted Kamut® Bread or serve the toasted bread on the side, the flavor and texture of the Kamut® Bread will beautifully enhance the roasted tomato salad.   Best of all, you won’t have to feel guilty about eating too many calories.

What a refreshing summer treat!

Enjoy, Samantha

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