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Kelly Andringa (08/20/11) Auburn, WA
As Director of Clinical Services and Owner of Auburn MediPro Slim I am always looking for additions to our weight loss programs. I am extremely happy to say that I have personally tested the Smart Carb #1 bread from Julian Bakery and I remained in Ketosis. This bread has only 1 net carb and 12 grams of protein per slice. Enjoy your day Kelly Andringa

Val P. (08/14/11)
I too conducted a little experiment using the Smart Carb
Bread #1. I fasted for eight hours, then checked my blood glucose at 6:22 a.m. I am new to blood glucose testing, so I did not really know what to expect.

My BG number was 90 first thing in the morning. I then ate 1 slice of the Smart Carb #1, waited one hour and then checked

it again. BG had risen to 111. (only butter on the bread)

After waiting one more hour, the BG had dropped to 79.
I am not a diabetic, but I wanted to see just how much impact
the Smart Carb Bread had, as I am living a low carb lifestyle.

Like many of you, bread has been the one thing that I have dearly missed. I have been eating low carb for the past six
months and have lost 30lbs. and 30 inches.

With the ability to now eat bread occasionally, I feel like this is a lifestyle I can finally maintain.

Best to you all.

Wendy L. (07/11/11) Los Angeles, CA
I want to express my sincere gratitude for a job well done, in baking the best bread in the world, that is my opinion! I have your Low Carb Smart Carb Bread, and it is so delicious! I have lost a lot of weight because of your delicious bread! Please keep up the good work and always make this delecious bread! I live for it! Have a wonderful day and evening! Wendy Leblang

Bonnie H. (06/06/11) Plainwell, MI
I received my first order today. I enjoyed a toasted sandwich with the new Smart carb #3 gluten free bread. It was delicious and I am so glad I came across your site. I will order it again. I am so happy you are making gluten free breads.

Jacquie B. (05/20/11) Erie, PA
I am amazed how satisfying the breads are! 2 pieces is plenty and I feel content! I can have a sandwhich, or just a slice of cheese ant toasted really brings out the flavor..When I was eating the low carb Flat bread I never felt satisfied. and you can’t toast flat bread!I hope my Grocery stores accept the letter and looks into getting your products in the stores I shop!!

Paula M. (05/13/11) Salt Lake City, UT
Just received my first shipment of your Smart Carb #1 Bread and your Cinnamon Raisin Low-Carb Bread today. I had to have a slice of your SC #1 right away and was blown away by not only the terrific taste but also by the texture. Most low-carb breads that I have tried hold all the charms of a door stop. But your bread was only slightly denser that regular store bread. I am looking forward to having my first honest-to-goodness sandwich in I don’t know when.
Thanks for a great product – Paula Meads

Antionette O. (05/11/11) Daly City, CA.
I have been living off your bread for 4 months now, and I have lost a total of 27lbs. it really helps my bread craving by at least having a slice for snack with tunasalad or eggsalad or a grilled cheese sandwich using your bread. Thank You – Antoinette O.

Kathleen R (05/09/11) Costa Mesa, CA.
I love your Smart Carb #1 bread (eating low carb is SO much easier now!) Also glad our Mother’s Market carries your product! Kathleen R

Jody Kim-Eng (04/29/11) San Marcos, CA.
I just had to give some feedback on the new “Smartcarb #3” bread that I so eagerly anticipated tasting. Although I’ve been disappointed many times by other manufacturers of gluten free and/or low carb breads, and had found only one other manufacturer making both low carb and gluten free bread (the taste of which is too hideous to describe here), I had high hopes that Julian Bakery would be the one that could make the two concepts work into a good tasting product. Every Julian bread I’d tried was delicious I am absolutely delighted with this bread!! I could go on for an hour about the many health benefits, and then for another hour about how delicious this bread is, even surpassing many high carb and/or gluten-y breads on the market. But I’ll sum it up into one sentence: This is, hands down, the best tasting and textured gluten-free bread that has crossed my lips!

Linda W (04/24/11) Highland, CA.
You are a miracle worker. To make a low carb bread is a miracle. I love it and can’t get enough of it. I am a big bread eater and you solved my dilema. I lost 40 pounds going on a low carb diet and had to give up bread. Then I found you. Thank you so so much. Your raisin bread is to die for. I can now enjoy my meals with your bread. Thank you Thank you Thank you – You are the best!!!

Lora B (04/17/11) Spokane, WA.
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the low carb breads. The Amazing Sourdough and the Smart Carb #1 are terrific for my low carb diet. I’m so glad I found you on the internet. I’ve been telling all my friends about the bread.
Thanks for providing a great product and service.

Lisa C (04/13/11) Fresno, CA.
I have been eating your low carb breads for about 4 months I feel great and I am losing weight. Just to be able to have a slice of toast with butter in the morning is such a pleasure. I have tried other low carb products and nothing compares. I would love to try anything new you are putting out and I would love to know if we can look forward to any new products.

Mary R (04/10/11) Napa, CA.
FANTASTIC is all I can say about the quality of your breads….at least the sourdough and Smart Carb varieties…..I am telling all of my friends on Facebook to buy it if they are on a low carb diet. I have never tasted such delicious low carb bread before. It is SO miserable when you’re trying to stay motivated on a low carb program when all of the breads out there are so HIGH in carbs….then I found you guys and I am just so glad I did!! Thanks for making such delicious breads and I hope your sales soar through the roof!!!!! I’m waiting for my second order to arrive as we speak…..I’m
HUNGRY for some bread!!

Rose H (04/06/11) Jackson, MI.
I just wanted to tell you how much my husband and I love your bread. We have gone back to eating bread again since giving it up 10 years ago when we went low carb. One piece of the Smart Carb # 1 for breakfast, with a little natural peanut butter and I am full until noon. On weekends we make french toast with the Smart Carb # 2 cinnamon raisin bread.

Darlene Whitten (04/03/11) Sacremento, CA.
Just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I tried your bread and found it very good. I wasn’t sure what to expect before I tried it, but it satisfied me. The bread is chewy and very filling. Thank you. I will definately be purchasing more.

Linda C.(03/29/11) Danville, CA.
Your low carb bread is fabulous!! I am a diabetic, and love bread, but usually can’t enjoy it with abandon because too many carbs spike my sugars.
I skeptically ordered your bread and…. WOW!! I am totally loving it… 1 Carb bread; raisin-cinnamon bread; and sourdough. Those are my favs, and I eat them everyday throughout the day. Linda C

LouAnn W.(03/26/11) Washington, DC.
We must tell you how very delighted we are to have ordered your low-carb breads, Purity & Manna from Heaven. We are in pursuit of a high quality bread and found it with your bakery. La Jolla is such a beautiful location and we are certain that you must have a very loyal following there and around the country.

We will continue to order this wonderful bread and we thank you for developing a healthy option for all of us trying to keep our good health and fitness levels in tact! Have a wonderful day and we look forward to all future orders as well.
Best Regards for a healthier Life, Lou Ann W. in Washington DC

Linda R. (03/12/11) Little Silver, NJ
Received my first order yesterday and immediately toasted and buttered 2 slices. It was heaven to enjoy a low carb cinnamon raisin toast after thinking I was going to go without bread until I found your bakery. I’ve lost 45 lbs. and now I have no reason to believe I can’t eat this way forever because I now have bread back in my life! Thank you!

Conne M. (03/07/11) Lexington, AL
Please never go out of business! I plan to live at least 25 more years and I NEED this bread! I’m a type 2 diabetic and I just ate a grilled cheese sandwich with no guilt! This bread is a miracle. I was so tired of wrapping everything in lettuce! I ordered one loaf to start with and after one toasted slice with butter slathered on it, I immediatly ordered six more loaves! I am planning on french toast in the morning! All diabetics should know about this bread. It makes eating a pleasure again. Thank you.

Allison F (02/28/11) Burnsville, MN
“I found this bread suggested on a low-carb site. I figured, it was worth a bit more than “regular” bread, but was worth trying a loaf. I was EXTREMELY impressed. The Smart Carb #1 bread is like fresh whole wheat bakery bread. SO GOOD!! With this bread in my life, and with only 1 net carb per slice (and 12g of fiber & 12g of protein), the low-carb lifestyle is a breeze. I’ve used this bread to make stuffing, toad-in-the-holes, toast, and croutons. The were all WONDERFUL! If you’re thinking of trying this, DO IT! It is well worth it!!”

Sharon M (02/27/11) Vero Beach, FL
We just received our order of the low carb breads and they are delicious! These will be a wonderful component of our new lifestyle! Thank you for such great products!

Jay F(02/22/11) Phoenix, AZ
I have diabetes, and spent a good year not being able to eat anything that had regular flour in it. I found your bread at a local health food store-boy did that make a difference in my diet. I could have toast again and sandwiches again-WOW!

Maureen G (02/13/11) Boynton Beach, FL

Roger B (02/010/11) Woodcliff Lake, NJ
I am a former patient of Dr. Robert Atkins and have been following a low carb nutrition plan for years. Your Smart Carb® bread has been a real find for me. I started using it last December and I’ve introduced it to a couple of friends and we’ll be starting a “bread club” to reduce freight costs when shipping to the east coast. I love this bread Thank you!

Nancy A(02/05/11) Parkridge, NJ
Hi Barbara and Team, I just got my first shipment of your low-carb, and it’s fabulous! (I should know….I’ve tried just about all of them!) I’ll be back, on a regular basis! Thanks so much, Nancy

Dineak C(02/02/11) Pinewood, SC
Thanks for putting bread back into my low carb life. I love the Smart Carb #1 and can’t wait to try the other breads. Thanks again and keep up the good work!!!

Teresa D (02/01/11) Ansonia, CT
I recently received my first order of breads from your bakery and the breads are wonderful! I must follow a low-carb, high-protein diet due to health problems, and this bread has allowed me to enjoy some of my favorite foods again, like grilled cheese, BLT, french toast, and just good old yummy toast with my morning egg. I even made bread crumbs for meatloaf and crispy oven-fried chicken, and sliced the Manna From Heaven loaf very thinly and baked it into crisps to dip in hummus or guacamole, delicious! Thank you so much for making these breads! The only thing I can think of that would improve your product is to ship the dough frozen to be baked fresh by the customer…. Again, thank you, and I’ll certainly be ordering again. Teresa D.

Tracy B (02/01/11) Del Mar, CA
I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and faced with all of the restrictions that diagnosis entails. My nightly me-time consisted of tea and a piece of toast. I didn’t know how I could continue that given the carbohydrate count in most breads. I found your low carb bread at Albertson’s and it is delicious! I don’t know how you did it but I am so grateful. I tell everyone who will listen that you have made it possible to cut carbs and have delicious bread too.Thank you very much and Bravo!!

Barbara M (01/31/11) San Antonio, TX
I order your sculpt n cleanse colon cleaner and It’s so good I just order 4 more bottles!! So much better than what I was using! Just ordered 6 loaves of the Amazing Sourdough – can’t wait to try it. Thanks, and I love everything I’ve ever ordered. I’ve lost 63 lbs since last May and my sticking to my new diet has a lot to due to your Smart Carb Bread! I’m such a sandwich fan I don’t know if I could have “stuck to it” with out your products. Only 12 lbs to go! Thanks, Barbara M

Ray G (01/31/10) Mira Loma, CA
My sister suggested we try your product. She even gave us some to try….We love it….. My wife and I have been on and off Atkins for 10+ years and we really missed our bread, your low carb breads are what we need to keep us on the straight and narrow. You should come up with a program to reward your customers that refer Family and Friends to your products. Thanks and keep up the good work…Ray G

Linda Q (01/30/11) Lake Havasu City AZ
I was so pleased with your low carb Smart Carb Bread!! Linda Q

Leslie D (01/29/11) Lexington, KY
I’ve been following a low-carb plan for about 5 months (down 35 pounds so far!) and finding your bread has been such a wonderful, sweet and surprising treat! I’ve tried three – SmartCarb #1, Cinnamon-Raisin and Manna from Heaven – and haven’t been disappointed in the least. I’ve turned on a few friends and we are now splitting shipments of 6 loaves! I just wish you were available through my local Whole Foods here in Lexington, Kentucky.

Donald H (01/26/11) Yuba City, CA
Thank You Very Much, Love Your Bread, I am now 60 lbs lighter than I was before I started Eating Your Bread with my current diet. Your low carb bread is amazing!! Donald H

Linda R (01/21/11) Olympia, WA
I found your low carb bread on the internet then at Ralphs Thriftway Olympia Wa. My son thats only 11 is on a low carb diet and this bread is so good and I have tried many varieties. I work for a nutrition store and have tried alot of low carb breads, and yours is the best keep on baking please…..I will recommend you to my customers and hope to have the boss carry your breads in our store. Thank YOU!

Paul Z(01/13/11) Vacaville, CA
I was eating Smart Carb for some time and thought it was great. But when I had the sourdough bread, I was amazed how great it tasted. You have to toast it though because I have found it crumbles quite a bit unless you toast it. But it is incredible! And for only 4 net carbs a slice, wow!

Jim T(01/09/11) Phoenix, AZ
My wife and i have been eating your breads for about two months now. We shop at the healthy habit in phoenix. our favorites are the smarb carb 1 and 2 and the manna bread. what a blessing these breads are to people who have to watch their carbs. they are absolutely delicious!! my wife is a type 2 diabetic who is tired of all the diabetic medicines and their side effects. with the availability of your low carb bread and her strict low carb diet and lots of walking and excersizing she has her blood sugar down in the normal range. she could never have done it without julian breads. thanks so much. Jim T

John M (01/07/11) Temecula, CA
A comment on your magnificent Smart Carb 2….. has an amazing delicious cinnamon raisin taste,I cannot believe it does NOT tastes like cardboard. This is truly the most nutritious bread we have ever eaten. Please keep producing this wonderful bread – -it is our life saver, truly. P.S. We shop at Sprouts in Temecula CA

Cathy C (01/05/11) Redding, CA
I came across your site while searching for low carb tortillas. I was so excited after reading your reviews. I was able to find a store that carried it that was only thirty minutes away. Boy am I so happy that I found you. This bread is wonderful !!! I have been on a low carb plan for 6 months and I was missing my bread, no more. While preparing dinner I toasted a piece and enjoyed every little bite. Thank you so much for making such wonderful products !!!

Amy J (01/05/11) St. Cloud, MN
Last week I received my first order of bread, I ordered one loaf of the smart carb #1 and one of the cinnamon raisin. I was a bit hesitant on the cinnamon raisin one because I’m not really a raisin lover, but to my surprise I loved both of them! These breads fit nicely into my controlled carb lifestyle and I will definitely be placing future orders. Too bad you don’t sell this in Minnesota, I know tons of people who would go wild for this bread! Thanks for all you do!!

Chelsea D (01/04/11) New York, NY
Smart Carb Bread #1 I really enjoyed this bread. I liked it plain, with peanut or almond butter, in grilled cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This bread was very satisfying as it is packed with protein and fiber,. It was dense and chewy, rather than doughy or soft. I would definitely buy this again. Cinnamon Raisin This bread is aloso delicious with peanut butter and almond butter and jelly. Plus the raisins were juicy and chewy. It isslightly higher in calories than the Smart Carb #1 bread, but this bread is still packed with protein and fiber, and it is also a bit sweeter and dessert-like. I would buy this bread again for whenever I was feeling something sweet, yet healthy

Edward P(01/03/11) Crossville, TN
Keep making your amazing bread !!! I just received my 1st order yesterday and it was wonderful. I was so happy because i thought it would not have much taste, but it was GREAT !!!!! Thank You. I will be trying to get the local health food store to carry it as shipping really drives up the cost.

Manuel Yanez(12/24/10) Harlingen, TX
Just wanted to say thank you for producing a great bread. It is high on the price but worth every bite, it’s just that good. I’m on a low carb to loose weight and this is Heaven sent. I’m from Harlingen, Tx. Got my wife to stop at one of the stores in Houston, Tx. Asked her to get me the low carb (1) and Manna from heaven. I’ve already taste the low carb bread, now I’m getting ready to taste some manna from heaven. It’s all good. Again thanks for producing this wonderful bread. Just wished it was closer to my home. But as soon as we go to Houston or San Antonio, Tx. we are stoping in to get more bread. And one more thing my kids really enjoy the bread. Now I have to hide it from them, just kidding.

Donna L G(12/21/10) Mabank, TX
I love the breads which are a repeat order. I use Carb #1 when I want a sandwich. It also makes perfect grilled sandwiches. The Carb #2 and Purity Bread are for a piece of toast every morning. Finally I have toast that tastes toasted and also has some “bite” to it – not toast which remains soft inside and has no texture. With low-carb sugar-free preserves on my toast I start my my day with a big happy smile :-)..and I used to tell my kids, “it’s yummy for the tummy”. Glad I discovered you and am envious of your location. I am a 4th generation Californian and at times do miss the beauty of SoCal, the mountains/trees/lakes, the tranquility of the ocean and the refreshing sea breezes!!

James P(12/21/10) Larchmont, NY
I received my order I08208 thank you, also the bread is great ! I had a few slices and it not
only tast great but it had no affect on my blood glucose, with great releif you will be my
new supplyer, I will also post your product on D-Life for diabetics a cable tv program
here in NY thank you once again and happy thanks giving to you and your staff. James P

Victoria C (12/20/10) Maple Valley, WA
Hello I am so excited I got my bread today… I love your bread it is so nummy… I feel like I might actually beable to surrvive this low carb diet now! I just wanted to let you know I received six loaves but ordered seven my order # was 743982 I was missing one loaf of cinnamon raisin bread… I have the tracking # too. Let me know if there is anything else you need… thanks again….

Sandi O (12/18/10) Slovenia
Hello !! you shipped some bread for me…an international shipment- and I want to thank you very much..ALL of you who helped me!! I want you to know it arrived on time and in perfect condition! I sent it as a birthday gift to my best friend who LOVES your product which she found while over here in the states visiting-You have no idea how happy she was to receive this gift-I really want to thank Craig..he is who I started this process with…He was super helpful, and very very nice- and it all went without a hitch… thank you! thank you! thank you !!!
You can be sure I will send more bread from you to Europe in the future…
Julian Bakery is the BEST! Sincerely,Sandi O

Jeanette S (12/15/10) Broomall, PA
Dear Julian Bakery, I have been on a journey for the past 2 and 1/2 years to get healthy. I have lost 115 pounds and totally transformed my life and the way me and my family eat. The past 8 months I have been following a low carb lifestlye. I did not have one piece of bread during that time. It was very difficult for me. I was searching for an all natural, organic low-carb bread- and Julian’s Bakery had the answer!! Not only is this bread good for me, but it also tastes great. Thank you for allowing bread back into my life!! I will be ordering more soon!!

Holli B (12/13/10) Dallas, TX
This bread is amazing! I will be ordering more in a week of two. Thanks, Holli

Merry G (12/12/10) Salt Lake City, UT
Absolutely FABULOUS!!! I’m a diabetic who must attempt to keep her daily carb intake below 10 gm. Virtually impossible. I really missed bread. But I have tried several of your products and now regularly eat the SmartCarb No.1. I am so happy with it! How about working on a rye with caraway version? Sincerely, Merry G in Salt Lake City

Heather H (12/10/10) Scottsdale, AZ
I absolutely love the flavor of your Smart Carb #1 bread and want to order more. I bought a loaf from Whole Foods in Scottsdale, AZ. I love the flavor of the Smart Carb, the texture and the low carbs.Thank you -Heather

Diane B (12/7/10) Fernley, NV
I just received my first order from your bakery. I ordered two loves of the 1 carb bread. Just wanted to say I received it in three day’s which I thought was great. But that’s not why I’m sending this to you. I wanted to tell you that I think you have the very best low carb bread I’ve ever eaten! I would give it as many stars as I could! I put one loaf in the freezer and I will be ordering more for sure! Thank you so much Diane

Vickie Shue (12/6/10) Mesa, AZ
My order arrived today and is great. Thank you for the fast shipping and everything fresh. I will be ordering in the future. Jane E.

Vickie Shue (12/3/10) Raleigh, NC
Pease never stop making your wonderful Smart Carb Bread! Almost had given up hope for a good (let alone GREAT) tasting low carb bread option. Found your bread today at Cafe Buongiorno in Raleigh. First thing when I got home…toasted a slice and went WOW! Called the Cafe to have them hold 4 more to pickup the next day! Thrilled to be able to stay on a low carb diet and still enjoy bread! Thank You…Thank You!!

Rev. Gail B (12/01/10) Torrance, CA

The bread arrived today! Thank you 🙂 The Manna Bread is wonderful; as is the Low Carb. Haven’t tried the
Amazing Sourdough yet as that will be tonight. Blessings on your business, Gail

Deanna A (11/28/10) Denham Springs, LA

Thanks! I keep telling more and more people about the bread. I think it is just wonderful and now this is all my hubby will eat also.

Jeanie P (11/23/10) Houston, TX

For serious health reasons, I have adopted a low carb, as little sugar as possible eating plan for life.
To me, sugar is toxic and poison. At the grocery, high fructose corn syrup is hidden, insidiously, everywhere. I used to bake my own bread in my breadmaker, but I have no idea of how to make any bread that will fulfill my particular needs.

Today, Jimmy Moore from Livin La Vida Low Carb turned me on to your wonderful products. I went to your website after having watched his YouTube video where he praised your Smart Carb # 1 and 2 bread. I tried to see if there was a retail location in my area of Houston that carries your products. Oh my heavens. I almost fell off of my chair. I found out that Betsy’s Health Food on 5629 FM 1960 W carries your bread. That store is less than a mile from my home!

Kevin R (11/19/10) San Francisco, CA

Hello , I’ve been on a low carb diet for over a year and a half now and the bread you make changes how I feel about dieting . I’ve been eating it now faithfully for a year. The first 6 months were brutal but since I found your website it has been great. I love making grilled tuna fish sandwiches the most . I’ve tried all different types of things. I’ve even made croutons. It is simply the best low carb product ever!!!! Thank you for making my diet more manageable. I’m training for a half marathon and know that it would be so much harder without your products !!!! Thank you

Paula C (11/16/10) Odem, TX

I really do like your bread, because how can you lose with 1 net carb bread!!!! Again, thank you. I do like the bread and recommend it to all my friends as I am a diabetic, and a 1 net carb bread is a dream-come-true.

Tom T (11/12/10) WA

HI – We drove to Clarkston, WA yesterday (200 mi r/t) and bought more of your breads. I am on a low carb eating program now and I still love sandwichs. Your bread seems to really fit the bill. Tom T

Jasmine Z (11/08/10) Wenatchee, WA

Thank you for your blessed bread! I feel your positive intent in every bite:)

Suzanne S (11/06/10) Eureka, CA

Your bread is fabulous…our family is totally addicted to it…please keep sending it to the Eureka Co-op. Suzanne in Eureka, CA.

Ralph M (10/25/10) Houston, TX

That is the first word that came to mind when I just ate my first sandwich today since starting my low carb diet. I toasted the bread as suggested, loaded it with cheese, meat, and added some lettuce. I savored every bite. It was truly great!

I also bought a loaf of the cinnamon raisin bread. I toasted a couple slices and added butter. It was very good. I went to the store and found some Kraft Cream Cheese that have less than 1 carb per serving. I look forward to having it on the cinnamon raisin bread too. Some time back I have tried a carb-free “pasta”, only to find that it tasted like silicone. I was expecting anything but what I experienced today when I first tasted your bread. Job well done! Thanks for a great product.

Lindsey R (10/07/10) Dallas, TX

Your low carb bread has really helped me along my low carb journey and I am sharing with all of the other people out there who follow a low carb lifestyle.

Thanks! Lindsey R

Denise K (10/06/10) Plano, TX

I am in awe of your baked goods! I ordered the Smart Carb 1, and then I ordered a few Purity Bread loaves (2 carb) “just in case the 1 carb bread tasted like card board.!” The order arrived fresh and unsquished.

If we all could only get back to basics and have our stuff local, made local, by locals. It was like I was opening up a loaf of bread my grandmother or mother had made. (Though theirs were that soft, white, squishy stuff – but made the kitchen smell, oh so good.) The Purity Bread looks more like a home made biscuit loaf. (I’ve yet to try it.)

Thank you for your fabulous product(s). I plan to take some of the loaves up to my Mom’s (Mendocino County) who is diabetic and a heart patient. I know she will love these. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I am on a self arranged Weight Watchers applied Atkins (or vice versa) and what I was missing out of were my grains. You have filled a very deep hole, and a tasty one at that. At first I thought the amount you charged was so much more than a loaf of bread in the store, but when the product arrived and I tried it for the first time – my sense is that you are selling your product to the public as fresh and as economical as possible. A product that is fresher, healthier, and worth every penny. You will be definitely getting more orders from me soon, and hopefully others friends and family as I go around “breaking bread” with them.

Thank you again for such a superior product – Denise K

Patricia S (10/04/10) Devon, PA

Your bread is awesome and especially the fact that it’s low carb. The bread has contributed greatly to me staying on my weight loss plan and losing l5 pounds. Thanks again; I will continue to purchase my bread from you.

Jill S. (10/01/10) Las Vegas, NV

Keep making this GREAT low carb bread. I recently made a transition to greatly reduce the carbs and sugar I take in, and I found your information while searching on the internet. I purchased both the whole grain and the cinnamon raisin and both are outstanding. What a wonderful way to help keep me healthy, and not have one feeling of deprivation.

THANK YOU!! – Jill S.

Sheryl B (09/26/10) Houston, TX

Just wanted to tell you how much I love Smart Carb 1. I have eaten it exclusively for a couple of years. I wouldn’t choose any other bread of any kind. It fits perfectly with my nutrition plan, it is such good, good bread. Thanks so much for developing a bread that is nearly carb free, yet is still tasty!!! There is nothing like it…. anywhere! Sherry

Daphne H (09/12/10) Fredericksburg, TX

I wanted to say I Love your bread wow!!!!!!!!! Ive already made another order for my sister,We do the low carb and having only 1 carb per slice is wonderful all I can say is yummy:)I thought I might ask if you ever come out with a Low carb dip chip I will be the first to buy:)Ive found none that taste good they all have been yuck.please consider in the furture to make such a chip that would be something for us low carbers,I only eat twenty a day and really miss chips and browines tooooooo lol!!! anyway again thank you sooooooooooo much for your yummy bread:)yaba daba doooooooooooooooooooo:)Daphne H:)

Carl W (09/09/10) Arlington Heights, IL

Last week, I received my first order of your bread, and I am VERY pleased with the flavor and nutritional value. Thank you for helping me reach my weight loss goals you bread is truly a blessing.

Carolyn M. (08/23/10) Temecula, CA

Just want to say that you have THE best low carb bread I have ever tasted. Was introduced to it by a nice lady at Sprouts in Temecula last Saturday. Already I’ve used it for garlic cheese bread, French toast, a tomato (from my garden) sandwich with avocado and sprouts…so good I wanted to cry…:- ) and yesterday zapped some into bread crumbs and used half and half with corn meal for a passable lower carb corn bread. I love it. No more dish-sponge lo carb bread for me! Keep up the good work. Oh, and so good to know it is really healthy!
Thanks, Carolyn

Gerald K (08/19/10) Glastonbury, CT

My shipment of my low carb bread arrived this morning and I was so excited to try this bread as I am a newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic. Your bread was outstanding and I have never tasted anything so good before in any bread isles. You have a new customer for life who thanks you so much for all of us diabetics. Gerry

Monie N (08/17/10) Ballinger, TX

I have Metabolic Syndrome X and could not lose weight normally and must eat a very low carb diet to survive. I have been led on my journey of discovering what was keeping me from losing weight by God each step of the way. I was first led to a physician who could help me plan my needed diet and now I am getting healthier every day.

I just wanted you to know that I consider you and your products as blessings from God.! I am doing all I can to help your business, because without it, my life would be less enjoyable and normal. Your bread is WONDERFUL! I don’t know how I managed without it. I eat the #1 Smart Carb bread for toast and sandwiches. When I get the urge for something sweet, your cinnamon raisin almond bread with a little whipped cream cheese hits the spot.

God Bless each and every one of you personally and in your business dealings.

Thank you – Monie N

Shawneen B. (08/10/10) Visalia, CA

First, thank you for your wonderful bread. Manna from heaven is a special treat I give myself and my family’s staple bread is your #1 low carb bread.. delicious. I am so grateful to you all for making a healthful bread that I feel great about serving to my growing family, and I’ve told all my friends too. Also, I looked to see if there might be a new store near me and there is, but I wanted to let you know of a spelling error. In your Northern California listings, Elliot Health Food in Rockland, the town’s name is actually Rocklin.
Have a great day and thanks again for your bread!
Shawneen B.

Barry W (08/06/10) Newport, OR

Just a quick note to say the new website and ordering process are very well done. Your web designer did a great job! The bread remains the best in the world for low carb and great flavor. Thank You!

Audrey D (08/02/10) Henrico, VA

Just want to congratulate you on your amazing breads. I am sure I am your biggest fan and I tell every one of my customers nationwide to order your breads. These are all health conscious people and I tell them I eat your Purity Bread every morning and the Manna Bread for lu nch. I love them all and just wanted to let you know I love them. Blessings and peace, Audrey D

Michele S (07/30/10) Richland, WA

Hello!! I just wanted to let you know that I received my order of bread. It is AMAZING AS ALWAYS!!!!!!! I have lost over 70 pounds within the last year with the help of your bread and I kept it off. My body is super sensitive to carbs and sugars now, but your bread has allowed me to eat “normally” along with everybody else!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! Michele S.

Cesar D. (07/29/10) Los Angeles, CA

I just want to take a moment to say thank you so very much. I made some lifestyle choices a few years ago that have afforded myself a higher quality of life. I was so sad to say good bye to bread. Then, I FOUND YOU!!!!! Hooray! What a treat to have found bread that is medicinal in value and sinful in taste. I order several loaves a month, freeze some, and have turned some on to some of my friends. Smart carb # 1 is my favorite but I always order one of the other favorites like manna from heaven or dinner bread. Here’s to a long and healthy relationship together! Cesar D.

Sandi J. (07/29/10) Centerville, UT

Just wanted to say how much I love your breads! My 13 year old daughter even loves it – I very rarely get her to eat breads, unless it’s white and bad for you! My whole family loves French toast made with the Cinnamon Raisin bread, it’s absolutely delightful, and I haven’t had French toast in a long time:) I’m so glad I found out about your bakery and can incorporate breads into my daily life again 😀

Ann M (07/21/10) Sims, NC

Thank you very much. Your low carb breads #1 and #2 have helped me stay on the program for healthy weight loss suggested by my doctor. I must admit a preference for the cinnamon raisin bread, but both are excellent! Ann M

Scott C (07/20/10) San Francisco, CA

First, I wanted to let you know how much I like your bread. It fits in my diet perfectly and the taste and texture are wonderful!

Thank you.

Mike K (07/17/10) Potsdam, NY

I just wanted to say thank you… I’ve been holding true to an ultra-low carb diet plan for two months now, which of course means no bread… wellllll… now I can have bread back in my life and still stay true to my dietary needs! What a joy it is to be able to have some toast with my eggs in the morning, or to have a legitimate sandwich at lunchtime. Your bread tastes great too!

Thanks, Mike

Mandy F (07/09/10) Wilson, NC

I wanted to let you know that your bread is absolutely awesome!!!! I have tried several low carb breads but yours is amazing. My husband loves it! We have the carb 1 and carb 2 and love both of them. Thank you so much for making this available to us!!!!!

“I have been on Atkins and been doing low carb since 4/2004 and have lost 84lbs in total. I have not been eating much bread until I found your low carb bread. Most breads tastes like paper so I stopped eating bread but I found your bread this year on the internet and I tried the Smart Carb No1 Plain and the Smart Carb # 2 Cinnamon almond raisin and really enjoyed the taste of both breads so I took advantage of your buy 6 or more special and got the flat rate shipping. I have been integrating your bread into my low carb diet since April 2010 and have lost 10 lbs. Keep up the good work as your bread tastes amazing!”

J Moon (07/06/10) Memphis, TN)

“I have heard wonderful things about the Julian Bakery Smart Carb #1 Bread. Now, that being said, I have heard wonderful things about all kinds of low carb foods and found the reasons for the rave reviews to be disappointing. None-the-less, I ordered the bread since I had been craving bread on my low carb diet. I decided to give it a little test, nothing fancy, just toasted with butter. I didn’t want too much on the bread to mask the flavor. I wanted to see if I could really tolerate the flavor (but I added the butter just in case it was bad). To my absolute astonishment, it tasted really good. Then my heart dropped when I thought to myself, “No way this is only one net carb!” I ate the whole thing anyway, loving every bite and to my surprise I was still in Ketosis. Then I tried half a slice completely plain- still good. I hope this is truly one carb, because it doesn’t taste like it. What an amazing flavor! I am so impressed. By the way, I did check to make sure I was still in ketosis every hour for about 5 hours after eating the bread and, to my relief, I am still in very strong ketosis. All in all, I have to say that for the time being, I am just excited that this bread exists. Thank you, Julian Bakery, for the wonderful surprise to my taste buds and my health.”

M Perez (07/03/10) Lancaster, CA

“I just tried your Wheat Free Mama Bear Bread for the first time. It is amazingly delicious especially for a wheat free bread. What a pleasant surprise. Thank you”

F Massaro (06/30/10) Washington, DC

“I started a low carb diet a few weeks ago. Have done this before, I prepare myself for no bread usually but I when I found your bread I purchased a loaf of your Smart Carb #1 Bread from New Leaf here in Santa Cruz, CA. I put it in the freezer thinking I would try it later. Later came today. I toasted up a slice, put on the butter and prepared myself for biting into refined wood chips and to my surprise I found your bread to be the most amazing bread in the world. With 1 net carb, 12 grams of fiber and protein, and the best taste around, you have saved my life. I am waiting to try the rest of you low carb line. Fantastic! I will pass the word! Thank you!”

J Mitchell (06/24/10) Santa Cruz, Ca

“I bought a loaf of your “Wonderful” multi grains bread at Whole Foods market in Tustin after tasting it I was so much in heaven that I will absolutley buy this bread again. It’s SOOOO good, and how wonderful to have something so tastey when I’m trying to lose weight. This is the perfect bread for Weight Watchers.I can’t wait to try another one of your products!”

Ann H (06/17/10) Costa Mesa, CA

“I have been eating your low-carb bread for 15 months now, have lost 40lbs, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your bread! Thank you for bringing the toast back to my eggs. :)”

Lezli L (06/16/10) Los Gatos, CA

“We just received your 3 loaves of fresh baked low carb bread. Wow! it came as fresh as can be and I wanted to write to say thank you we will continue to order online and we will tell our friends and family about your bakery…..we are so happy to finally find bread that we can eat and actually tastes delicious and fresh versus that store bought rubber bread that claims to be low carb.”

Susan J (06/15/10) Las Vegas, NV

“Wow, my husband is a diabetic and thinks this is the greatest bread in the world. He is a committed bread man, and for him this has been savior. Thank you for getting New Leaf Market in Santa Cruz Ca to buy you line of product’s.”

Bobbie R (06/13/10) Santa Cruz, CA

“I am sitting here in absolute heaven right now eating a slice of your bread dripping with butter. I haven’t had anything that remotely resembled bread in a month since starting Atkins. I was about ready to cheat, but a slice a day of this delicious treat will get me through now to my goal. THANK YOU for such a fantastic product!!”

Jackie B (06/10/10) Pennington, MN

“I received a bit ago, my 1st shipment of your low carb bread (Cinnamon Almond Raisin & Smart Carb). I just wanted to tell you that this bread is the best bread ever made! It beats any bread that I have ever eaten, low carb or not. I love that it is so high in fiber because that has always been something that I look for in my bread.

Deborah M (06/08/10) Irvine, CA

“WOW……….I just received my order of Smart Carb #1…… is wonderful. For some time now I’ve been looking for a decent recipe for a low carb bread and came across your site. The bread is wonderful and flavorful and moist. I wish I could buy it locally, but will continue to shop with you.

Thank you or making such a fine product.

Sandy L (05/24/10) Winner, SD

“Just want to say that I absolutely love your Low Carb #1 bread! This has taken the Atkins diet to new heights – and has made being on this diet much easier. The bread is delicious toasted – and I enjoy it with just a little margerine, or whipped cream cheese. Thanks for making such a wonderful bread – and thanks to Jimbo’s for carrying it on their shelves.”

Don D (05/16/10) Del Mar, CA

“Thank you for your wonderful bread. I ordered it for my stepmom because she has low-carbed for years without bread. I gave it to her for her birthday and she loved it. She called and asked if I would order her more. I’m using it to low-carb also. It is really good and doesn’t taste like I’m on a diet.

Paula H (05/14/10) Pekin, IL

“I just tasted the manna from heaven bread and it is now my all time favorite for sprouted bread. It has a delicious sourdough taste to it. It reminds me of a delicious doughy dinner roll as well.”

Brian B (05/13/10) Victorville, CA

“Three months ago my doctor told me that my kidneys were starting to show signs of damage and if I did not get my diabetes under control then I will end up on dialysis within 10 years. I am only 35. That day I made a commitment to a low carb lifestyle. My biggest challenge was giving up the bread. Since Feb, I have spent much money on spongy, cardboard tasting breads and had lost hope of ever finding one that I could live with. That is until I ordered from you.

Your low carb Smart Carb # 1 bread is by far the best tasting bread of its kind. It makes living low carb so much easier and I thank you for it. Your low carb 2 bread is also excellent and makes awesome french toast. I had thought I would never again be able to eat our normal Sunday breakfast but again, you have made that possible.

Thank you so much for everything you do to help those of us who are diabetic or just trying to live more healthy. Your products have been a true blessing!”

Erica H (05/12/10) Edwards, CA

“I just received an order of your bread and wanted you to know how much my husband and I like it. It’s absolutely delicious and I LOVE all the fiber. Thanks!”

Jill C (05/04/10) Canyon Lake, CA

“I ordered some of your smart carb bread form Linda’s Diet Delights and it arrived yesterday. I had to try it right away and I could not believe this bread only has 1 net carb tastes this amazing Wow it is that good. I have been diabetic for a little over 3 yrs and have tried every low carb wrap and bread I know about but smart carb is in a class by itself. I love it, love it, love it, You have a customer for life. Thanks again for making this truly amazing product.”

Michael N. (04/29/10) Dover, PA

“Dear Julian Bakery, My husband and I would like to thank you for some delicious tasting low card bread (1 carb smart bread) we are so happy to have found your web site. We have tried a lot of low carb breads that taste just horrible and this is the first time anyone said it was delicious in their ads and told the truth. My husband is a diabetic and I was just diagnosed as pre diabetes because I have a weight problem so this bread will be perfect for us. I will definitely tell all my friends and family about your great bakery but most of all I will inform my Doctor because I am sure he will tell all his patients.We will be ordering a larger order in the near future. Thank You again for the great service and wonderful breads. Please let us know of other low carb/no carb products you carry.

Gina H. (04/23/10) Wilmington, CA

“I have enjoyed your low carb Smart Carb bread for over a year since I found you on line last year. It is superb and has made my commitment to low carb eating so much easier. As a diabetic, I have found that low carb eating helps maintain my blood sugar at a safe level and your bread has made that both easier and enjoyable.”

Barry W. (04/21/10) Phoenix, AZ

“OMG! As we say on FaceBook. This bread is delicious!!! My favorite is the Rye. And the fact that it can be sliced really thin is great. My Hubby has almost finished a loaf in one day. For breadlovers who must limit calories and carbs, this is a wonderful find. Thanks so much and especially for the swift delivery. You have a new customer.

Jane C. (04/19/10) Fremont, CA

“Hello, Just received my low carb bread and “Oh MY” how wonderful, I almost feel guility eating it it’s so good. My low carb diet will be so much eaiser now that I have the one thing I missed most, bread. Thanks for a great product.”

Nita H. (04/16/10) Seguin, TX

“I love your Smart Carb No. 1 Bread! It’s delicious and satisfying. If I only have a short time for breakfast, I feel full and nourished on just a slice of toasted Smart Carb No. 1 Bread”

Julie B. (04/14/10) Portland, OR

“I just bought this bread at Elliotts Natural Foods, I tried the first bread with 12g protein and 1net carb per slice. The bread is good, I have made sammies and the bread didn’t fall apart. My husband who is a meat eater and not a low carber used the bread and couldn’t tell the difference between this bread and “real” bread. I have diabetes, and as far as making my blood sugar rise, this bread did not make my blood sugar rise. :)”

Cindi A. (04/09/10) Sacramento, CA.

“Dropping you a message that we’ve received our order for your Low Carb bread today and have sampled it. It is the best bread of its type we have tried! Thank you for producing a great product. Controlling Diabetes by diet is my goal and you have a product that will make this much more enjoyable as well as possible. Will be sharing this bread with others whom are trying to achieve the same goal so hopefully your sales will increase as a result. Thanks again.

Don M. (04/07/10) – Sparks, NV.

“I just want to say how much I LOVE your products- especially the low carb breads!! It’s amazing how much fiber and protein is packed into just one piece-and it tastes great! I’ve turned all of my family and friends onto it as well! You guys should open a location in LA- it would do great here =)”

Allison C. (04/03/10) – Los Angeles, CA.

“I went shopping tonight and had no idea of the most wonderful thing I was about to stumble upon. I live in Dallas Tx. and have been enjoying Smart Carb #1 bread for over a year now. I was really wanting to try the Smart Carb #2 bread, but I was such a chicken and just kept putting it off when I placed my orders. I went to Roy’s tonight without even knowing about the fact that they just started selling my FAVORITE bread. There was only one Loaf of the Smart Carb #1 left and three of the Smart Carb #2, well I have just tried for the very first time the Smart Carb #2 bread and, WOW!!! Wonderful, tasty, did I mention AWESOME!!!!!! I have been trying to talk my local Whole Foods Market into getting it, but now I can ease off of them just a little and buy it from Roy’s. I told them how wonderful your bread is and they need to hurry and get more!!! I just LOVE your bread!!”

Janette M. (03/15/10) – Dallas, TX

“I just want to say THANK YOU for making low-carb gluten free breads!!! My daughter and I both have celiac disease and my daughter also has diabetes, so finding a low-carb, gluten free, yummy bread is a miracle! I am wondering if you have plans to make any other types of gluten free breads in the future. Your breads are so great and I would love to have even more variety if at all possible.”

Jennifer G (03/12/10) Santa Cruz, CA

“I took my new loaf of bread I received the other day to Curves last night to share with the owners and the other ladies. They loved it! So do some of my coworkers. I am glad I discovered your bakery!”

Robin M (03/11/10) – Payson, AZ

“Oh my goodness, I just finished eating a piece of your Smart Carb #1 bread!! I could hardly wait to tear open the box and get at it!! It was absolutely delicious!!! I have been on a low carb diet for about 2 months now and had really been feeling sorry for myself. You see, I thought my love affair with bread was going to have to be a thing of the past. But, thanks to you, now I can have my bread and EAT it too!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! “

Suzzette M (03/05/10)


Connie B (02/09/10)

“Your smart carb #1 and # 2 are fantastic!! I have never been able to keep on my low carb diet for so long(6 months and have lost 35 lbs) I try to get everyone to buy it. Keep up the good work!! “

Marty K (02/01/10)

“Thank you for the Smart Carb bread. It is delicious and something I have missed for the last year on my quest to eat cleaner and lower carb. To have the smell of yummy toast wafting through my kitchen this morning and then to taste the crunchy goodness of your bread and know it was healthy just made my day start off happy. “

Melanie M (01/19/10)

“I just wanted to tell you how good the new “Manna from Heaven” bread tastes. I’m really happy because I know sprouted is extra nutritious. Because of my wheat allergy, I had been eating “Pure and Simple Kamut” (which is absolutely delicious toasted, slathered with butter and sometimes a smidge of honey), exclusively. But now I can have a little variety with the “Manna”.”

Lowell B (01/18/19)

“I’m writing to offer my deepest thanks for your amazing creativity with baking low-carb bread! (Dana Carpenter recommends your site in one of her cookbooks, which is how I found you.) I’d resigned myself to pretty much giving up sandwiches, because all the breads I’ve tried that fall into the “low carb” category are either so thinly sliced that you can’t even make a sandwich with them, or they taste like … well, you probably already know what they taste like. But your bread is delicious, with a rich, robust flavor, and the slices are generous. I have no idea how you make bread that tastes so wonderful, but that only has 1 net gram of carbohydrate, but you have my profound admiration and thanks for doing so!

Thank you again–I’m so grateful for the skill, innovation and vision I know you must’ve put into developing this delightful bread!”

Victoria G (01/17/10)

“I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have access to your wonderful low-carb bread! Unlike all of its competitors (including those I baked myself!), it is absolutely delicious, satisfying, and has a wonderful texture as well. It reminds me of artisan breads I have enjoyed in the past, but I don’t have to feel guilty about eating it. This is the magic ingredient that will allow me to stay on my low-carb eating plan without straying. I also ordered the sourdough rye, and everyone in my family loves it. Here’s hoping you stay in business for many years to come.

Susan P (01/16/10)

“I have never tasted bread so delicious. I thought I was going to have it all to myself but my son got hold of a piece and now I’m forced to share this manna from heaven with him. Really, I don’t mind. When something is this good you most certainly have to share it with someone.”

Wilda J (01/14/10)

“I just got my order…and have to say… I’ve been doing a low-carb diet now since Jan. 1st, and have been an on/off low-carber for 10 years now. One of the hardest parts to sticking with this way of life is doing without bread! So this time, I decided to google “low-carb bread” to see if I could find one with REALLY low carbs to get me through this! Low and behold, your bakery was the first to come up, and even better you were located where I LIVE (in San Diego) – what a treat! When the box came, I ripped open the packaging and had my piece toasting within seconds! I swear that this is not only the BEST low-carb bread that I have ever tasted (and I’ve had many – all were way higher in net carbs, too!), but it’s a terrific bread (tastes like a healthy, grainy health food store quality) – it’s crazy good! I plan to place a larger order next time and freeze it…and if you ever get bagels, please, please let me know. Thank you for offering this, and for being in San Diego – what a gift!

Shelley T (01/13/10)

“I just wanted to comment on your low carb bread! I got my shipment a few days ago and wow! Your low carb bread is really, really good! I’ve been eating 1 slice everyday with my eggs and a cup of coffee every morning and it has not affected my weight at all! Every morning I look forward to having a slice of this bread. I don’t have the guiltiness or the shame saying that I ate too many carbs. This is really awesome! I’m definitely coming back again to your site and order again once my 1st batch of bread is done! I live in Orange Co, so I told my hubby next time, we will take a drive to La Jolla and come and visit and buy some of this bread…………Yes! it is that good!!!! Very Happy Customer!”

Yaneri R (01/09/10)

“I have been in health industry for over 30 yrs best bread ever tasted!”

Julie B (12/29/09)

“I love your bread, and have lost weight from using it, I’m now recommending it to all of my friends”

Guru K (12/27/09)

“It is a frosty 5 degrees here in Iowa, we got 12 inches of snow Tuesday into Wednesday and in spite of the weather, I got my box of low carb bread delivered yesterday. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! Thank you for the bread…you are lifesavers! We love the low carb lifestyle, and discovering your bread has even made it better than ever! “

Madonna W (12/13/09)

“I purchased your 2 loaves of your Smart Carb Bread last week. I just wanted to let you know it is by far the best, healthiest bread I have ever tasted! I am a nutritionist and when I do eat bread I am very picky. This bread is amazing and has 12 grams of fiber per slice, WOW! It is wonderful that you do mail order, I will definetly be ordering more! Everyone in america should be eating this bread! “

Sally H (12/08/09)

“I LOVE Your bread—-can’t even tell you how much. It is a whole meal in a piece. I simply loave how much sprouted fiber your bread has as it cures many problems. I started eating two or three pieces of your bread a day with soup and salad. I stay on the Atkins or low carb diet all the time because of terrible diabetes. I lost 75 pounds, take no medication, and had turned my health. Now I don’t go one meal without it…and I have even lost a few more pounds by eating your breads…and I am never hungry anymore—what else could I ask for? Very impressive product, service, communications, and shipping. Most pleased. Thank you very much. I think your bread is a lifesaver.

Cheryl R (12/06/09)

“We have ordered from you via the internet a couple of time, but recently have found your bread that we buy…Smart Carb # 1…is carried locally at Lassens and now at Whole Foods here in Santa Barbara. But wanted to let you know how much we LOVE your bread!! So make sure they don’t run out. 🙂

Todd B (12/03/09)

“Dear Julian Bakery, Thank you so much, as I LOVE YOUR BREAD. I feel healthy when I eat your bread, and the extra fiber in my diet is so important. Thank you for these marvelous products. Your Low carb bread that doesn’t taste likw sawdust is amazing. Your low carb bread is the best bread I’ve ever had–regardless of carb content. It is like a miracle to me. I have been on a low-carb diet for five years and have lost 75 pounds and have just about reversed my diabetes without taking any medication. I am exceedingly grateful. Your shipping is incredible, well packaged, and timely. I am very appreciative for having found you.

Cheryl F (11/30/09)

“I found your bread online when searching for a gluten free/sugar free sprouted bread. This is my second order and I am a customer for life! Your bread tastes amazing, I have used it a a variety of ways including dipping in soup, toasted and topped with cream cheese lox and capers, and yesterday I made french toast with it. I can also say that I feel better when eating it, I get tons of fiber and protein. “

Kerry T (11/16/09)

“Anyone who cares about their health really must try the products that Julian Bakery offers. The various breads are absolutely delicious! The bread is especially great for those who love hearty bread and don’t want to give up bread on a low carb eating plan. The high protein content is also great for vegetarians who want to make sure that they are getting adequate healthy protein.”

Beverly W (11/10/09)

“I just needed to drop you a quick note to tell you that my sister had purchased 2 loaves of Smart Carb bread from you the other day and had it sent to her. She gave me a loaf, oh my word, this has to be the most delicious bread EVER made. I asked her to call today and order at least 12 loaves, and she did. Wow, how delicious. Thank you so much for making such delicious and healthy bread.”

Elani B (11/06/09)

“I just had to tell you that this has to be the MOST DELICIOUS bread I have ever had. I ordered 2 loaves earlier in the week, one for myself and one for my sister and her son (we have all just recently began a new, healthier diet). I received the bread just yesterday evening. I was invited over to my sisters for dinner. I surprised them with their loaf of bread. We couldn’t wait until the morning for a sample, so we toasted a slice to have with our dinner. UNBELIEVABLE! We ALL just loved it. We loved it SO VERY MUCH that I have just now placed an order for 12 more loaves. I just wanted to THANK YOU so very much. Our new (diet) healthy way of eating for life is going to be so much more enjoyable because of your SMART CARB NO. 1 bread.

Cynthia (11/05/09)

“THANK YOU!! I just purchased my first 2 loaves of your Smart Carb, Low Carb bread. Quite frankly, I think it’s the best bread I have ever had. Just started a Metabolism B eating plan, 5 net carbs in a 5 hour time span. Well. . . This bread more than fits the bill. All I can say is thank you for such a fabulous product. From now on, this will be the ONLY bread to buy.”

Susan H (11/02/09)

“I seriously have to thank you for making your low carb breads. It’s hands down the best low carb bread I’ve ever had. There use to be a bakery in my city that made a good low carb bread but they discontinued it years ago. Since then, it’s been impossible to find a descent one at all. They have that Health Wise 0 carb bread, but it tastes like cardboard. I have to give you compliments on how good your bread is and how I still can’t believe it’s 1 net carb. Anyway, I just want to thank you for doing such a good service and producing such a fine low carb product. I’ve been buying a loaf or more a week and I’ll continue to buy much more (I buy through I hope you continue to produce this bread for many years to come (If not please send me the recipe, since I’ll be forced to take up bread baking at that point).”

Michael C (10/15/09)

“JUST A NOTE to say we received our first order of your bread. It is everything you say it is and more. Thank you “

Travis B (10/03/09)

“I found your bread at Mother’s Market in Irvine and I just wanted to write you how happy I am you deliver twice a week to this store every time I go in they always have fresh bread. I am still not sure which of your breads is my favorite the low carb # 1 bread of your cinnamon almons raisin smart carb # 2. Keep up the good work as you have a customer for life!!”

Molly F (9/30/09)

“Well, I just ate arguably the best bread I’ve ever tasted. And it is your Bless Your Heart bread. It’s a phenomenon. I intended to have one piece, with some butter and edam cheese on it. But I had ground some fresh almond butter at Whole Foods yesterday, and so I felt compelled to smother a second slice with it!

I used to eat spelt and kamut bread, there was one I particularly liked that had flax seeds in it. But the bakery went out of production. Most spelt and kamut bread is bland and boring, and the yeasted kinds I’ve tried were just not tasty. But this, this heavy dense aromatic mouthwatering bread was a taste treat for my senses. It almost melts in the mouth, and has a lovely piquant sourdough sort of overtone. There are just enough sesame seeds for the crunch. I toasted it, and it’s just perfect and heavenly.

I am so glad to discover your bread. I don’t eat a lot of bread. I have always preferred corn rye just because it is full of flavor and taste. But this bread of yours is a real treat. You definitely have a new customer, and I intend to recommend it to friends.”

Pamela O (8/22/09)

“I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I love the bread I ordered from your bakery! I have purchased other “low carb” varieties in the past and none even come close. You guys do a great job and put out a wonderful product. I placed my order, it was delivered when you said it would be and above all else…it tastes fabulous. Thank you so much!!! You now have a repeat customer for sure! As the publisher of a local parenting publication in Los Angeles, having an outstanding product, great testimonials and excellent customer service are near and dear to my heart, so I felt the need to write to you.

Sharon C (8/14/09)

“I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico and just got your Manna from Heaven bread, because I just finished reading Dr. Rosedale’s book. The bread is the best I’ve ever had. Thank you for making it.”

Art W (8/13/09)

“I have been ordering your low carb bread for months. It is perfect for my low-carb diet. Because my father is a low-carb dieter, he began ordering the bread and found that his bowel movements were the best they had ever been. He shared this finding with his sisters who are in their 80’s. They been eating the bread and immediately their constipation problems went away as well (one of them had a serious problem). I thought I would share this with you because no one on the site has mentioned your bread as a remedy for constipation!”

Denise V (8/10/09)

“I received my Smart Carb bread order last night and I really wanted to say THANK YOU!!! I’m on a very restricted diet because of candida and wheat allergies. There are so many foods that I can’t eat. I’ve really missed bread. I’ve been eating a slice of Health Seed Spelt bread every other day (because the carbs are so high I don’t eat it every day… with candida, I need to restrict my carbs to 60 – 100 g per day and that’s easy to fill up with veggies, nuts, and rice). And, frankly, I don’t really like it very much either. Last night I tried a piece of your Manna From Heaven bread. IT WAS WONDERFUL!!! I toasted it and put a little butter and almond butter on it. I haven’t been able to enjoy a piece of bread in ages and I thoroughly enjoyed your bread. The texture and flavor were fabulous!! Today, I had a couple of slices of Sourdough Rye for breakfast. It was some of the best rye bread I’ve EVER eaten… so much flavor and wonderful texture, too. It’s almost like I’m cheating.

This bread is a true gift to me and I can’t tell you how happy I am that I googled wheat free yeast free bread and found Julian bakery. I think that I’ll be ordering your bread for a long time… probably forever!! 🙂 I wish you much continued success and happiness.

Mary K (08/06/09)

“Your bread is simply divine!!! I am one happy camper now that I have a BOX of your bread in my freezer. I went for the rye sourdough first thing and it was divine–the perfect amount of chewy, the flavor superb. I love the tall muffin look of some of your breads. Barbara, you are doing great things. Your bread is off the charts. I can’t wait to showcase you and your work.

I am excited that I can have good bread without having to grind/bake it myself! I haven’t eaten anyone else’s bread but my own for years. “

MaryJane Butters (8/4/09) ( )

“By the way…we LOVE this bread! My husband was recently diagnosed as diabetic and this has been wonderful for us to use since it greatly reduces his carb intake and has no sweetner. Thanks!!”

Kathy T (7/25/09)

“I initially ordered two loaves of bread from your company and I was so ver pleased at how your bread integrated into my low carb diet. I was still able to lose weight and eat a slice or two of your wonderful bread. Thank you so much for making such wonderful low carb breads. Now all I want is for you to make low carb pizza crust out of your Smart Carb Bread. Keep up the good work!!!”

Tom R (7/24/09)

“Dear Culinary Wizards, I just received my first order of low-carb bread and it is GREAT and you can expect repeat business from me!It really has a delicious homemade taste to it and I love the fact that there is a blend of everything from flax to Kamut. being able to eat bread on a low carb diet is wonderful especially with a healthy high fiber recipe like yours.

Kurt B (6/24/09)

“I just wanted to let you know how great your bread is. I have always liked the sprouted grain breads but they send my sugar thru the roof. At first when I saw the price I went wow, but when I sat down and calculated all the money that I don’t spend on junk carbs that just spike my sugar and lead me to wanting to eat more, it is a huge savings and well worth the price. I am a carbaholic and I can say with a clear conscience since I started eating your delicious bread I don’t have the carb cravings at all. I will eat my one slice in the morning for breakfast or even 2 slices as a sandwich for lunch and well I am so full that sometimes I forget to eat dinner because, well the sandwich at lunch filled me up that much, and don’t get me wrong, I never forget to eat. I love this bread and the great news, It LOVES me back it allows be to be carb concious because of the fiber and nutrition it provides.”

Michelle C (6/22/09)

“I just wanted to take the time to share I lost 4 lbs this week eating 2 slices a day of your low carb bread. I thought I was not going to be able to eat bread until I found your company. I will be a life long customer!!”

Summer T (06/16/09)

“I have never enjoyed a low carb bread as much as I do yours. I would love to see hot dog and hamburger buns, english muffins, bagels, etc out of your bread recipe. I think they would be a huge hit. I know I would definitely buy them! My son is has type 1 diabetes, and is so sensitive to commercial bread and buns that he cannot eat them at all. He has enjoyed sandwiches, toast, and burgers again using your bread.

Thank you for such a wonderful product. I hope to see more shapes and variety someday.”

Julie M (06/01/09)

“Your bread is one of the best I have ever had. Since summer is coming I am so excited to integrate your low carb Smart Carb bread into my low carb diet so I can fit into my special bikini.”

Lurrane W (5/15/09)

“Even though I know that Jimmy Moore has done an extensive review of your product, I will be reviewing your bread in my site, too. Yes, your product is low-carb and edible (most low-carb breads taste toxic), but the texture makes it Lap-band friendly. Thank you! I received my first order from you yesterday, and had a slice of the almond raisin bread. Wonderful. I haven’t been able to eat bread for two years, when I had the gastric band put in place. You all rock (I just ordered 10 more loaves!!)”

Patricia C (04/30/09)

“just received and tasted your low carb bread. It is amazing. I love it. so healthy and low in carbs. perfect. Thank you Thank you. so excited to have it!!!! I put one in the freezer. I just have to control myself and not eat too much of it!!!! “

Saundra F (4/30/09)

“I just can not believe I found this bread. I’m a low carber and I’ve searched high & low for a decent low carb bread. As soon as I received your Smart Carb bread, I immediately spread some butter on a slice and took a bite. Abslolutely delicious! The slices are large and thick and are great for sandwiches, toasting, and whatever. Thank you so much for making my low carb life so much more enjoyable!”

Mark M (4/28/09)

“I received my first order 2 days ago from your bakery and have tasted both breads we ordered the Smart Carb No 1 and the Manna From Heaven Bread. They are very, very good. Both my husband and I have diabetes and have been following a low carb diet for 2 years with good results. This bread is by far, the best low carb/high fiber bread we have eaten. I hope it won’t be long before you develop an equally low carb and tasty recipe for burger buns! Thank you so much!!”

Mary L (04/26/09)

“I received my bread order; the low carb and LOVE IT!! So glad Ifound you – I am spreading the word here in Kansas!”

Kendra T (04/26/09)

“Your Smart Carb Bread is “indescribably delicious!” My husband and I are so hooked on this bread that we panic when we only have one loaf remaining the freezer! Thank you for such a wonderful, wholesome product. Rest assured, we are loyal customers forever!”

Dana D (04/25/09)

“Hello! Just received my order an hour ago and already my daughter and I have tasted three of them and LOVE them! We’ve been starved for bread but are doing South Beach diet and thought that all bread was forever banned! Argh! I’ll be ordering again and again and again! Thanks!”

Jane M (04/19/09)

“I received my two loaves of the low carb bread today. WOW! I am impressed! I have had other low carb breads and they SO don’t compare in taste. Thank you!”

Debbie H. (4/16/09)

“I want to let you know how pleased I am with the low carb bread Smart Carb Bread I ordered from you. It is marvelous, I never knew low carb bread could be so good, and only 1 net carb!!!!! You have a customer for life!!! Keep up the excellent work.”

Jayne W. (04/15/09)

“Thank you so much for producing Carb Smart #1; this WONDERFUL and WHOLESOME bread! I only discovered this bread by accident when a man (who was shopping at the low carb market) showed me the wrapper and told me that this bread was delightful, especially toasted. He even brought the wrapper with him to make sure he got the right one! I immediately bought one as well, but was a bit skeptical. I am very sorry and apologize to you all! Truly, I should have had more faith. After nearly finishing the loaf, I ran back to the same market and bought 2 more. I keep 2 in the house at all times now. I can’t imagine eating any other bread. I even eat it for Friday night Shabbat’s while the rest of the family eat Challah. I don’t crave other breads, or feel that I miss out on anything when I have your Carb Smart #1. YEA!!! Keep up the good work.”

Elizabeth S. (04/05/09)

“We came home from a short trip to find our order from Julian Bakery on our front steps. We have been struggling with our new low carb diet solely because of giving up bread. We were like children when the bread arrived hoping that we could return to the land of sandwiches once again, but our greatest fear was that the bread would taste like cardboard. I just ate a slice by itself and just want you to know how delighted we are. It is wonderful! In a world of carbs, thank you for making such a healthy and delicious low carb bread. I can’t tell you how pleased we are.”

Mary W. (03/24/09)

“I just received my first order from you this week and was expecting to be disappointed. BUT, to the contrary, I am so pleased. The Smart Carb #1 bread, is delicious and especially toasted. And the Cinnamon Raisin is beyond belief. I am sold. It was the first slice of bread I have eaten in 11 months!!! Yumm……………”

Andrea T. (03/21/09)

“This is just a note of appreciation. I’m a type 2 diabetic, trying to lose weight on a Low Carb diet I can follow for life. I do love bread, and your breads are just wonderful when I need the taste of a slice of good bread. The small rye bread tastes like the very best sourdough East Coast deli rye–wish Just a couple of toasted slices with egg salad or cream cheese on them are very satisfying. I also bought the Smart Carb bread, which I like very much and will keep on hand. I gave a slice and the ingredient list to my diabetes nutritionist–she was most impressed. She had not heard of Julian Bakery, but whenever she next gets to La Jolla, I think she’ll be stopping by. So this is a heartfelt thank you for letting me have a way to have bread without making my blood sugar go sky high.”

Elizabeth G. 03/18/09

“I just tried the Smart Carb #1 and I love it. I am really into my breads, and since going on a low-carb, low-sugar diet, I have missed having a piece of toast for breakfast. I admit that I was skeptical when I was told how good this bread is, but it is everything I hoped it would be. Tasty and filling, it’s something I can enjoy for the rest of my life without negatively impacting my health. It’s the ONLY bread I will buy.”

Erika P. (03/12/09)

“I just received my bread (I Live In NY) and had to try it. It was seriously amazing! I almost cried! I have been very successful on Atkins and was so happy to now have a way to incorporate bread into my diet without the carbs! The best part is I had one slice and was totally full and satisfied. So I just wanted to say thank you. I will definitely be back to order again!!!”

Allison C. (03/05/09)

“Thank you for creating a low Carbohydrate bread that actually tastes like bread! It is a fantastic product. I will order again soon!”

Carina Q. (03/01/09)

“The bread arrived yesterday afternoon and we immediately had a slice of the raisin bread. Delicious! Then, this morning, I had a piece of the Carb 1 toasted for breakfast. Equally delicious. I cannot tell you how great it is to be able to have bread again and not worry that I am destroying my low carb diet. I feel like I am cheating! Anyway, Thanks for a great product and I will for sure order again.”

Angeline H. (02/22/09)

“Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! Your low carb bread is wonderful. My husband and I are just starting week 3 of South Beach. After losing 13 lbs on the first two weeks with no cravings, we are determined to stick with it. Your bread makes it easy to incorporate good carbs back into our diet….AND it’s delicious. I will spread with word.”

Mary R. (02/16/09)

“I have tried so many low carb breads. Your’s is by a long, long stretch the best low carb bread I have ever had!!!! It reminds me of the wonderful sprouted and whole grain bread that my German grandfather always bought. If you toast this bread it is out of this world! The absolute best low carb bread made today. I need look no further!!!! You have got to try the Smart Carb bread”

Terry S. (02/15/09)

“OMG! I received my order of Smart Carb bread last week and have eaten a slice each day with butter (low carb person, here). I can’t tell you how fabulous this bread is. Since I can’t eat bread on a low-carb lifestyle this 2 net carb bread is perfect. I have just ordered 3 to try all your low-carb varieties. I know the low carb people can’t believe it, but it’s TRUE! Low Carb and delicious grainey, sprouty delicious tasting bread!! You won’t be disappointed!”

Patricia L. (02/13/09)

“Just wanted to let you know that low carb Smart Carb bread is the best bread Ihave ever tasted!! I am on Atkins and with this net 1 carb bread allows this program to be more tolerable. I will be ordering more as well as all the people in my office. Keep on baking!!”

Teri W. (02/11/09)

“I just wanted to send you a note to say your bread is fabulous!!!! It is by far the best low carb bread out there!!!! I live in Michigan and its worth every penny to have it shipped across the country. I just ordered 4 more loaves! Thank you so much! I will be ordering from you in the future! I will definitly pass the word around and your link to your website! I wish you were in Michigan or sold your bread here.”

Kim B. (01/09/09)

“The Smart Carb No 1 bread is the very best bread I’ve ever had, and it is Low Carb!! Since I have been diagnosed with type II diabetes, this has been the first low-carb bread that actually doesn’t raise my blood sugar level. My problem now is that everyone in my family prefers it to any of our local bakers.”

Rob D. (12/08/08)

“I received my orders of bread and I am THRILLED!!! It’s delicious and meets every dietary need that I have. I can enjoy toast again! Yippee! I can’t thank you enough for creating this bread and offering it over the internet. I will be a return customer, for sure, and will be your “word of mouth” advertiser.”

Jane B. (11/15/08)

“I have no questions – just want you to know that you make the best bread I’ve ever tasted. I’ve let many of my co-workers sample your “wonderful bread”, and the next time I order, I’m going to order 12 loaves instead of 6! You are the BEST ever! Even though it took me about a month to contact you – when I finally got your website – I was in HEAVEN! It’s too bad you don’t have a distribution channel in Los Angeles. I think Whole Foods would be FABULOUS!!!!! I love your “wonderful bread” so much – I think I’ll marry a loaf!!! Thank you – don’t ever stop making such healthy, tasty, WONDERFUL BREAD!!”

Customer Phyllis N. (11/10/08)

“I LOVE YOUR BREAD! I was living in Santa Monica and bought the Mama Bear bread at Whole Foods on Wilshire. I moved to San Mateo, CA and the Whole Foods here doesn’t carry it!! Thanks for letting me buy direct I’m excited to try the other breads! I am loyal customer!”

Matt B. (11/01/08)

“I have tried every low carb bread (Smart Carb No 1) on the market and I love your low carb bread. You are doing an awesome job and I will continue to buy your low carb bread for the rest of my life. I hope your company lasts a very very long time.”

Customer Clifton E. (10/29/08)

“Just came across your ‘dinner bread’ the other day and decided to give it a try. Since I can’t have anything with white or wheat flour, yeast, sugar (including honey), this pretty much has eliminated the whole ‘bread’ category from my life-no more sandwiches; no more toast, etc. But…I have to tell you…I just had two slices of your ‘dinner bread’ and it was DELICIOUS!!! I almost believed I was eating “real bread” there for a second! I love that you have added rosemary and garlic or onion to it. A lot of these gluten/wheat free breads are pretty tasteless and hard as rocks. Your bread had a great taste to it, smelled really good, and best of all tastedfabulous!! Thanks for putting out a product that we can actually be excited about eating. 🙂 I am working on putting up a website regarding GOOD products that people on specific diets can eat (and enjoy) and I will definitely be including your bread on the list!!”

Customer Amanda H. (09/19/08)

“I discoved your Manna From Heaven bread after becomming a patient of Dr. Rosedale. I love it. I just ordered again and added two other of your breads to my order. Thank you for these wonderful products!”

Customer Barb W. (09/16/08)

“I just received the Smart Carb No 1 bread thru the site which a friend told me about. I saw your breads and HAD to try this one. I toasted it and I swear to God if it were not for the fact that my husband will be home for dinner in a hour I would have toasted the rest and gone to sprout heaven LOL! I have NEVER had anything so flavorful and having come here from 20 years on the central coast, it took me till now to find you! No doubt I am placing an order after I transmit this, I only save a dollar by going thru you but it’s the idea that I am going right to the source that thrills me. THANK YOU of your existance! A new, delirious, devoted and fanatically happy customer.”

Customer Trish J. (08/12/08)

“This bread is the most incredible ever. I wrote a diet book based on glycemic control (The Wine and Food Lover’s Diet) and I will recommend this bread to anyone. Kudos to you on a great job.”

Customer Phillip T. (08/10/08)

“I tested my blood glucose level Two hours after eating one slice of the Smart Carb bread, toasted, the Blood Glucose is only points higher! For me, that is absolutely miraculous! Many years ago I could eat Ezekiel bread with a 13 to 15 point rise but that spikes me now. Since this bread is perfect for my low carb and low GI lifestyle I have many plans for it – stuffing, bread pudding, french toast! 🙂

We could keep this list going as we have over twenty years of testimonials!!”


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