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Paleo Macaroons – (20 Per Container) (2 Net Carbs)

$ 10.99

Paleo Macaroons are delicious, gluten free, low carb, high fiber, diabetic safe, and nearly sugar free. Twenty amazingly delicious Paleo macaroons per container. (2 Net Carbs)

Ingredients:  Natural Organic Coconut Macaroon Flake, Cage Free Egg Whites, Inulin derived from agave, Erythritol (GMO-Free), Organic Coconut Flour, and  (Natural Flavors =Natural Vanilla Extract).

Key Nutritional Facts: (Per Macaroon): 45 Calories – 9g Carbs Less 4g Fiber Less 3g Erythritol = 2 Net Carbs

Frozen: Stable 1 Year Fresh

Refrigerator:  3 Months

Out In The Open (Room Temp): 3 Weeks 



  • Julian Bakery

    Actually Erythritol is the only Sugar Alcohol that does not bother the stomach.

  • Liz

    Oh, wow! I love cookies and I love macaroons, and I can’t have gluten, sugar, and many nuts. These will be a dream come true.

  • Rowan

    Is Erythritol similar to Xylitol? I had a hard time digesting it without distress.

    • Julian Bakery

      Erythritol has no effect on digestion. It is by far the healthiest choice in sweeteners.

    • Brynn

      That’s too bad you have trouble with Xylitol, I’ve never known anyone to have problems. With all of it’s dental benefits, it is a great sugar alternative. Hopefully Erythritol will settle well, these cookies sound wonderful!

  • Marge Dovichak Burkell

    I have never heard about deducting anything other than the fiber from the carbs for net carbs, can ou please explain? Thanks!

    • Julian Bakery

      For every gram of Erythriol there is 1 gram of carbohydrates. These carbohydrates that are from Erythritol are deducted as they are not digestible by the body. What erythritol is a sugar alcohol (polyol) that has the least (almost zero) impact on blood sugar. Erythritol has almost zero calories, carbs, and glycemic index. The reason is a bit different that most sugar alcohols, which are only partially absorbed in the small intestine. Most (60-90%) of the erythritol is absorbed into the blood, but is then excreted in the urine.

  • Jane Gasiorowski

    Question on the net carbs… 9 – 4 – 4 = 2?

    Also, fyi, typo under ingredients~ “flout”

    • Julian Bakery

      Thanks and yes you deduct the Fiber and Erythritol from the carbs to get total impact carbs. (2 Net Carbs). Zero Impact To Blood Sugar!


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