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Paleo Bread™ -Coconut (1 Impact Carb)

$ 8.99

Paleo Bread™ -Coconut is the ideal bread for almost any diet as it’s gmo-free, starch-free, grain free, gluten free, yeast free, soy free, and dairy Free. One slice has 35 Calories, 1 Net Carb with 5g of Protein & Fiber per slice. This bread was specifically formulated to curb appetite through it’s protein & fiber content. *Nutritional Info Provided By An Independent Lab For Accuracy (Click Here)**GI= Zero / Stay In Ketosis** **Freezes great for 9+ Months** “Paleo Breads Are Soft & Fluffy & Does NOT Crumble” (HCG Diet Approved)

**As Seen On The Dr. Oz Show (Air Date 05/07/14)

Also Available In The Following Flavors:

Coconut / Almond / Honey / Cinnamon Raisin

Ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Coconut Flour, Egg Whites, Psyllium Seed Powder, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Potassium Bi-Carbonate (Potassium), Salt.

Paleo Bread is made in a dedicated Gluten Free facility.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 slice (43g)
Servings Per Loaf Approx. 16
Amount Per Serving
Calories 35 Calories from Fat 10
% Daily Value
Total Fat 1g 2%
Saturated Fat 1g 4%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 75mg 4%
Potassium 210mg 6%
Total Carbohydrate 6g  (1 Digestible Carb) 2%
Dietary Fiber 5g 19%
Net Carbs 1g 0%
Soluble Fiber 1g
Sugars 1g
Protein 5g
Vitamin A 0% Vitamin C 2%
Iron 2% Calcium 4%
**Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000-calorie a day diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.








  • Anthony

    Just had the bread for the first time and LOVE IT. I’ve been looking for a true low carb alternative for a long time and I am very pleased. Thank you and I look forward to your other products.

  • Elizabeth

    Would you consider making a vegan version? Using agar or more psyllium in place of eggs?

    • Julian Bakery

      Yes! We are working on that now!

  • Julian Bakery

    Yes, please keep in fridge for 3 months or freezer for 12 months.

  • mary

    I just saw this bread on the Dr Oz show, and I would love to try it. Is there any stores on Long Island NY? Like Whole Foods or Trader Joes?

    • Julian Bakery


      Our bread is sold in 1000’s of stores nationwide. Please use our store locator here (Call First To Check Stock) If we don’t have a store near you or they are out of stock buy 6+ items from our online store and shipping is $5.95 nationwide:

  • Izzy

    I just want to say that this bread is awesome!! I am SUPER carb sensitive and tried regular store bought low carb tortillas and breads and it would cause me to stall. I am on a low-carb diet and I eat a slice of paleo bread almost every day and I am still able to lose weight! Thank you so much for this wonderful product!

  • Samela Pamela

    Where can I buy this in Hollywood?

  • Donna-Marie Holt

    Wish they had your stuff in New Zealand!

  • Jim N Julie Flaig

    I am so happy! I just heard about your breads. I have been recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
    and am researching all that I can on carbs, foods, etc. ANYTHING to get
    me back on track. We have one small health store here in town and they
    carry your products! I just found them using your store locator . Thank you, thank you!~Julie

  • Miriam Camps Dee

    Hi, it looks so delicious!! My concern is that being a Celiac, that reacts to GF Oats; could there be cross contamination from the breads that contain Oats?

    • Julian Bakery

      Our “Oat Fiber” is certified gluten free!

  • pvera

    Had this today for the first time, it is very nice.

  • Julian Bakery

    Our Almond and Coconut bread are processed in the same facility.

  • Alix

    The coconut bread is my favorite of the gluten & nut free breads. My one suggestion would be that since many of us buy it to freeze that you
    *** consider adding wax paper separators ***.
    Right now, I cut my own wax paper so I can separate the slices before I freeze them — allowing me to easily take out 2 slices from the freezer and not un-freeze a whole loaf.

  • napgirl

    What is the shelf life for the coconut bread both room temp and refrigerated?

    • Julian Bakery

      Our bread last 2 Weeks in the fridge and 9 Months in the freezer as it has no preservatives.

  • TIffany

    How can I get Whole Foods in Cary NC to carry your bread?

  • Marisa

    I’m so excited about this! Would love it if you could carry it at the Whole Foods in Yonkers NY or DeCicco’s in Ardsley, NY or Food for Thought in Hastings on Hudson, NY! Please!!

    • Julian Bakery

      It should be in DeCicco’s in the frozen bread section. It also will be in WF in NY within a couple of months!

  • Julian Bakery

    Use our store locator here:

  • Julian Bakery


  • wayneabrown

    I’m a convert! So tasty! No other brand for me EVER! Lol ;)

  • Pat Martinez

    Love the Paleo bread, tried coconut first, now on to almond. Tastes like home made! Pat Martinez

  • Catherine Marr

    where could I buy this locally in Dallas?

  • Hermineh M Melkonian

    I bought my coconut Paloe bread here in Burbank CA at a nearby store called Full O’ Life. I chose the coconut bread simply because they looked more appealing to me. I am so happy that they came up with starch free yeast free soy free and etc…. since I am allergic to all of them. They taste great and very satisfying. After the second slice I feel full. I am planning to stick to this bread for as long as I can. I have to say that anything that Julian Bakery does, is indeed the best on the market and no one else can come close to it!!!
    Thank you Julian Bakery :0

  • Liz D

    Hi, I have a question,

    Your listed kcals are 40/slice, but your link to the independent nutrition test has 86 kcals/42 g listed as available calories, which matches your serving size but has twice as many kcals. Which is accurate?

    • Julian Bakery

      The lab test is per 100g of product where as the label uses 43g Serving (One Slice).

  • Lu Masters

    I just bought the both loaves of Paleo bread from a our local seller, LOVED them both but favor coconut for sandwiches. I am going to ask my Whole Foods to carry it. If you are in doubt , try this guarantee you will buy more:)

  • Julian Bakery

    1 gram of Carbohydrate you calculate as the others are from fiber!

  • Todd

    My brother, who lives in LA, recommended this bread, but I was disappointed to find out that our NJ Whole Foods does not carry it. Any other NJ outlets?

  • Donald Cutler

    Just found this site. Can’t wait to start using it.

  • Eveline Tomlinson

    amazing this is great for those looking for better and healthier products

  • Robin Grondel Beck

    Has anyone seen this in Utah?

    • Helen Elizabeth

      I bought it in St. George at Dixie Nutrition

  • TrishB

    I definitely will be reordering the Paleo Coconut bread. I like it really well toasted with a teaspoon of smart balance peanut butter on it then broiled until browned with my breakfast. Really satisfying and filling. Being on a restricted calorie daily intake getting “bang for your buck” with budgeting your calories is a must and this bread really fills a niche at 40 calories a slice.

  • Nina Perea

    Bought this bread today. It was really good. It had a good flavor and good texture. Unlike Ezekial bread where it is dense. I toasted it and made a roast beef sandwich It was very filling and probably could have done a 1/2 sandwhic so a little goes along way. The price tag at the store was 8.99 but worth it. next time i will buy online and stock up my freezer. Nina Perea

  • Juli Woodall

    I was nervous for nothing! It was GREAT! Farm fresh bacon, organic brown egg, and cheese on coconut Paleo bread! Juli Maggard Woodall

  • Pri Fields

    My local Albertsons carries 3 kinds of your low carb bread, I Iive in Lancaster, CA. I have to admit its not bad and very filling. One sandwich and you’re good for a few hours. Keep up the good work And thank you! Pri Fields

  • Lizzardc

    Had gastric bypass..anyone know if we can have this??

    • Julian Bakery

      Yes, this bread would be ideal for you because of the fiber in it.

  • Rochelle Gager

    I received my order of Paleo Bread yesterday and was more than thrilled. Made bread pudding for dessert for myself (rest of my family had donuts as a treat)…used soy milk, egg, vanilla, yellow raisins, brown sugar, cinnamon. Had to force myself to put it away before I ate too much. Rochelle Gager

  • Tom Brown

    I love Paleo bread from the Julian Bakery. The Paleo diet is great and really improved my energy and health. Tom Brown

  • Tracie Seibold

    I am a personal trainer at a major nationwide gym, and I am currently preparing for a figure competition in 2013. Your coconut Paleo bread is incredible – it allows me to have ‘bread’ and feel satisfied all the while providing protein, VERY few calories and net carbs which are vital as I approach my body fat cutting goals. It’s delicious, my preference is lightly toasted with natural almond butter on top. I tell ALL my clients to buy it, and have mentioned it daily at the gym. It is currently sold locally at New Seasons Market on Barrows Road in Tigard, Oregon – please keep it coming! I have been known to clear the freezer shelf of it! Coconut Paleo Bread by Julian Bakery – definitely my number one favorite food find in recent weeks – thank you!!! Tracie Seibold

  • Anne Mcdonald

    Just received my first few loaves and I love them! Anne Cherek McDonald -Minneapolis Minnesota.

  • Jennifer Roberts Comstock

    Bought some Paleo Bread today in two varieties at Four Seasons. The first slice I had was really great! Jennifer Roberts Comstock

  • Lori Jackson Gregory

    Paleo Bread is so amazingly delicious….I can’t get enough of it! Lori Jackson Gregory

  • Tiff Niederhofer Vaughn

    I have been eating this Paleo bread as French toast and sprinkled with cinnamon and love it! Thank you Julian Bakery – I have lost 80 lbs. Tiff Niederhofer Vaughn

  • Tamara Winawer

    Love the Paleo bread…totally filling and delicious…tastes best toasted Tamara Wagner Winawer

  • Mari N Alan

    I just love my Paleo breads……they are a hit! Mari N Alan

  • Lauren Buika

    Just had a breakfast sandwich with the Paleo coconut Bread. Glad to have finally found it! Lauren Buika -Longmeadow, MA.

  • Shiret Singh

    OK, just got the 2 Paleo loaves I ordered, and had a slice of the coconut paleo bread w/ nut butter. So awesome! Have not had a slice of bread in almost 3 years, so happy to have found you guys! Shiret Singh – New Brunswick, N

  • Glenna Kelley

    Paleo Bread is good bread. Best texture for gluten free bread. Thank you Glenna Kelley

  • Kim Bova

    I can’t wait to try this!

  • Eric Sturm

    Your Paleo breads are great! I have both the coconut and the almond and I love them both!! Eric Sturm

  • Molly Carroll

    Just rec’d my first order of bread yesterday and love the almond, coconut and cinn/oatmeal! I’m a corp health coach at Isagenix and took samples to work and will again next week. You’re a hit with the employees too and we’ll be forming a group to order! I’m glad I found your Fbook page and found the shipping time to be speedy and bread so fresh & absolutely dalish!! Molly Carroll

  • Alice Elizabeth Andersen

    I am wondering where I can get my loaf, near Petaluma, CA?

    • Jen Antoniou

      Whole Foods has it in Petaluma. I know because I used the store finder on this site, and bought it.

  • Julian Bakery

    Yes, Paleo Bread freezes great for 3+ Months!

  • Scott Mauney

    I got my shipment of Paleo Bread today. The 1 net carb slice of coconut bread – INCREDIBLE!!!!!! I’M HOOKED. The first piece of bread in 3 months!! Also the 2 carb muffins! OMG!!!! Not sure if i can wait that long for next shipment. But Whole Foods is coming to Charlotte soon. I hope they carry!! Scott Mauney

  • Mike

    Just found out there is a store down the street from me that sells Julian’s bread. I cannot wait to buy the coconut bread, get in the kitchen and make a TUNA SANDWICH. Nom.

  • Sandra Kombuechen

    I just went to finally get my first bread in MONTH!
    I started to eat Paleo a couple of month ago and there was nothing alike a bread… so I’m BEYOND thankful… and lets say it like that… I’m stunned how good it tastes… and eating my third slice now… ha thank you so much for this!!! at least some people sell food which is healthy… and not crappy and I’m more than thankful for it! I appreciate it! way to go!

  • Martin Mitchell

    I’m almost through my first two loaves, love the coconut bread, I toast it then slather on the all natural almond butter. Delish! Martin Mitchell

  • Danell Benedict

    LOVE this bread:) I buy mine at whole foods! I’m a diabetic and this bread doesn’t raise my blood sugars:) Danell Benedict

  • Renee Sullivan

    Palleo Bread is the only “Bread” I use. I have been purchasing it since it became available. Ramona Family Naturals, the store I shop, began carrying the Almond variety first, which was great after not having bread for about a year. Then they got the Coconut! Amazing and awesome. I love this stuff. It is so nice to have toast with my eggs and bacon again, or a sandwich. Highly recommended. I have not tried ordering through the mail. I’m thinking about giving it a try for my daughter who is away at college in Iowa, food desert that it is. I have been reluctant because of the high cost of shipping. Buying it locally fits my way of doing things. Great stuff. Renee Porter Sullivan -Ramona, CA

  • Jim Thomas

    I live in D/FW & found the bread just 9 miles away in Irving, Texas

  • Amber Davie

    I just found Paleo Bread in my local “wholesome food” type store – I’m eating the coconut one – occasionally I taste coconut, but it’s not overpowering. I had two sandwiches today: PB & J and mustard & beef. It toasts nicely and warms well. I’m sooo in the habit of toasting my bread from all the other brands! Anyways, I appreciated not feeling guilty and needing to search for extra fiber or protein after eating the bread – two slices gives you 10 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein! Thanks You! Amber Davies

  • Anegela Grieco

    Paleo Bread bread rocks, I am addicted to it big time! thanks for such an amazing delish product :) Angela Sirch Grieco

  • Jenn Etcheverry

    When I eat a nut butter and jam sandwich on toasted coconut paleo bread (grain free!)it doesnt taste like coconut. It just tastes great! It is so much more filling then regular bread due to the high fiber content in coconut flour .. which is organic coconut flour by the way! So awesome I dont need to be concerned with gmos! I am definitely seeing toasted turkey blts with homemade mayo in my future! This is completely opening my paleo diet up to eating normal sandwiches that were so convenient for packing lunches back in the day. Jenn Etcheverry

  • Carrie Wood

    Yummy as French toast, bread pudding and looking forward to adding it to dressing this year! Love it fried with egg in a hole cut on middle of bread — and fry the cut out hole, too — fried in ghee with a smidgen of coconut oil. Love Paleo bread! Carrie Cooper Wood

  • Susan Ftichben

    Just got my order last night! Thank you. Having a sandwich with your Plaeo Bread Coconut! Absolutely awesome!! :)Susan Fitchben -Warner Robins, GA.

  • Sally Shott

    Is the psyllium that is listed in the ingredients psyllium husk or psyllium seed powder?

    • Julian Bakery

      Psyllium Seed Powder!

  • Stephen Dawes

    My favorite, Coconut Paleo Bread + Almond butter and whipped strawberries!!! Delicious and very low calorie. Stephen Dawes -San Jose, CA.

  • Louise Glass

    I got 2 loaves of the coconut Paleo Bread today in Clearwater, Fl. I’ve been looking for it for a long time. I bought it at Nature’s Food Patch. They have a cafe where you can eat anything you buy. I put 2 slices in the toaster and made a tomatoe sandwich. I haven’t eaten bread for a long time. It was delicious and filling not foggy like bread we used to eat. I’m going to make the one you have pictured above. Got some organic almond butter. Used to love shopping for clothers now I love going to that store lol Nice seeing how the healthy people shop and eat. Louise Glass

  • Laura Elliot

    Dear Julian Bakery,
    Thank you for your excellent service. The person on the phone who took my order was friendly and helpful. I called on Monday and received my order on Tuesday–the next day. Wow! The Paleo Coconut and Almond bread are a tasty, gluten-free substitute for my former bread I used to eat. Thanks for your fine baking!
    Laura Elliott – San Francisco, CA.

  • Liesbet Bickett

    Just got back from the store with a loaf of coconut bread. It’s a really good edible plate for some butter and all fruit jam. Just like the picture showed on Facebook. Liesbet Bickett – Berkeley, CA.

  • Jenn Chudnoff

    Paleo Bread is terrific. I had it for the first time this week and LOVE IT. So happy to have found it. It is little more dense than a typical bread but after only 2 wks of eating Paleo I was thrilled to have it in my diet. Jennifer Chudnoff -Cincinnati, OH.

  • Ursula P

    I just got my first shipment 11/1/12 of coconut Paleo Bread! LOVE!!!!!!! Ursula Powers

  • Joy M

    I’ve been buying Paleo Breads from the Julian Bakery for months now….trying to control carb intake..Paleo COCOnut tastes fantastic….thanks again, Madame Oracle! :) Joy McPhearson

  • Uta Birkmayer

    Dear Julian Bakery– I love your Paleo Breads and recommend it to a lot of clients. As a matter of fact, I urged two local health food stores to carry it (New Frontiers and Natural Foods Coop in San Luis Obispo) and it’s doing well. I would like to feature your bread on my website and in my newsletter!
    Thanks! Uta Birkmayer – San Luis Obispo, CA

  • Michael Jensen

    I have been eating paleo bread for the last two months. I am a big fan! Michael Jensen Kirkland, Washington

  • Blaine J

    Just tried the coconut paleo for the first time on 10/28. I LIKE IT! Soft, moist, and reminded me of english muffin bread with a slight coconut flavor. Was delish with almond butter on it. Then toasted, it made the whole house smell like toasted coconut, with butter and berry jam. Awesome! Tommorow I try the almond paleo. Blaine Johnson

  • De Z. Eskew

    I have tried the Paleo bread coconut…makes great toast or French toast. De Zeligson Eskew Idyllwild, California

  • Sue Heumann

    Ivy & I had Paleo bread with an egg on top for breakfast <3 …good for us! With some coconut chix broth….she has a cough so trying to be very good. Sue Heumann – Park City, UT.

  • Isabel Crabtree

    I have to say, your breads are the most palatable I’ve found so far! You know what should be next? coconut bread with cinnamon and raisins :) Isabel Crabtree

  • Angela Heyer

    Paleo Breads actually taste good. Seriously you can eat it toasted with a bit if butter. Angela Poore’ Heyer – Blue Ridge, GA.

  • Angela Barbero

    Love Paleo bread! Angela Trippe Barbero – New Windsor, New York.

  • Gabriele W

    Paleo Bread is fabulous – not much flavor but a great carrier i.e., three slices with low fat cheese between layers – great hi protein dinner – Gabriele Wills

  • Sandy Gulliver

    My bread arrived today 10/24/12. I ordered one of each and immediately tried the coconut. It is delicious! Now I have to find a store near me, because shipping is too expensive to keep ordering it online. They do sell it in IL, just not around where I live. I saw the letter and will print it out and take it to my Jewel manager. Sandy Gulliver

  • Clarity Sanderson

    I am eating my first slice of this Paleo Bread. I am so impressed and relieved I finally can eat bread again!! Clarity Sanderson

  • Linda Starr

    Just bought today at Follow Your Heart in Canoga Park, CA…my husband is the true test…we’ll see :-)

  • Anne Potter

    I just recieved my bread order. Thank you very much. I tasted it and it is delicious! I will be ordering more in the future and although you haven’t worked out shipping notifications quite yet, I’m happy for you that your business has picked up.

    Thank you,

    Anne Potter

  • Steph

    Should the Paleo breads be refrigerated? If not what is the shelf life?

    • Julian Bakery

      Yes, they last 2 weeks in the fridge and 3+ Months Frozen.

  • Deven Fearn

    I have spent a small fortune trying to find the perfect gluten (and yeast) free bread and was SO elated when my wife brought Paleo Bread home for me! I was surprised at how amazing it tasted with my favorite Mother’s Market sprouted garlic hummus too! Perfection achieved! Based on this one style, you’ve definitely gained two new loyal customers. Now we look forward to exploring your other breads! Thank you for doing what you do!!! It’s amazing how something so simple & wonderful can make people SO happy. ♥ Deven Fēarn

  • Rick Goines

    LTG loves the taste and texture. Gluten free, paleo bread is the way to better health. Rick AndLinda Goines

  • Robbie

    Got my Paleo coconut and I must say it is delicious. I gave a loaf to my friend who is gluten sensitive and she thought it was too sweet. Personally, it toasted perfectly and tasted great with coconut cream. Thank you so much.

  • Sue M

    OMG, This stuff is great! Got it at New Frontier Foods, totally worth the 50 mile round trip!!!

  • Michelle

    Use code 1775 for $5 off!

  • Scott Mauney

    I’ve lost 22 pounds since I’ve been eatingththeir bread. 20 more to go. I have at least 1 slice a day and really enjoy the taste.
    Scott Mauney


    GOOD! You can definitely taste the coconut. I really like this bread because it’s filling and kept me satisfied for several hours. I toasted it and added butter… yum!

  • sherm

    im pumped i miss bread

  • Sherri Rummel

    Just bought the carbzero cinnamon and the paleo coconut bread over the weekend. They both rock!!! My hubby loves both of them and even my 3 year old grandson loves it…ate 2 pieces of the cinnamon today…toasted with coconut oil and blackraspberry jellie!!!!!
    Sherri Harbin Rummel

  • Adam

    I found this bread at the new frontiers in Sedona,az .this is a the perfect bed for me .Thank you thank you

  • LJ

    Where does the 1 gram of sugar come from?

    • Julian Bakery

      Coconut naturally has a small amount of sugar.

  • Denise

    Try Walden Farms zero calorie jelly on this bread it’s AMAZING! I feel like a kid again :)

  • Irmgard T.

    Paleo Bread Coconut is now the only bread I eat anymore, love it ♥ Irmgard T. Saunders

  • Connie S

    Finally got my hands onto a coconut paleo bread! It is definitely the best tasting gluten-free bread I’ve had. Thanks! Connie Szeto Sakurada

  • Sonja Brade

    I can’t wai to try this bread yummy

  • Rebecca J

    I love Paleo Bread!!! I used the store locator feature and found it at a local store!! I ha to go back 3 times because they sold out the second they got it! Amazing!!! Rebecca Johnson

  • Gina D

    I purchased the Paleo Bread at a store in Gainesville Fl. I was skeptical as I have tried low carb breads before and they tasted like cardboard. This is actually very good. I enjoyed it for lunch and it settles the craving for bread in a low carb world. It’s not inexpensive but well worth the price. I will definitely try the other products by Julian Bakery.
    Gina Deracleo

  • Victoria Jacobs

    I have some in my freezer. Tasty, slightly coconut flavor. Very filling. Get it at Viva Low Carb on Florence in Santa Fe Springs, CA.
    Victoria Lonigro Jacobs

  • Gloria

    I’ve been a Julian customer for many years and tried many of the low carb breads. The Paleo breads are my all time favorites, especially the coconut which has a side benefit of being lower in calories than the almond. Thanks Julian for adding these breads.

  • Michelle E

    I am Primal and I picked up the coconut bread this afternoon from a local vendor…and…I just had TOAST with Lamb with mint and Oh it was so good to have bread again (but not from grains.Sammiches on the menu again. I think YES!
    Michelle Bradford Eastburn

  • Janice Newland

    Just got my shipment of both Paleo breads, to be fair I lightly toasted them both and used a small amount of Ghee on each. Texture and taste of the coconut is my preference, but both are pleasant. Love the ingredients and simplicity, Almond has 100 calories per slice vs 40 for the Coconut. Coconut is softer, Almond more stiff and spongy. Would recommend either of them.
    Janice Newland

  • Nancy Abney

    The Whole Foods in Gig Harbor got it in yesterday but only the coconut. Picked up a loaf and had a BLT and it was awesome. You don’t even know that it is coconut bread. Now to try the Almond. –
    Nancy Forbes Abney

  • John Storm

    My loaf just arrived today and it is AMAZING. I just had my first piece of toast in months, plus a cheese sandwich. Absolutely delicious. Just ordered 2 more loaves. You don’t want to run out of this stuff!

  • Abby

    I bought the Paleo breads, one of each the almond and coconut. I haven’t tried the almond yet but I love the coconut, it is very moist and filling.

  • Phillip M

    Paleo Bread — just got my shipment and had to stick some almond butter and jelly on a slice and try it — WOW YUMMM FABULOUS bread Thank You !!!
    Philip Mandel

  • Scott Mauney

    Paleo Bread with 1 Carb is INCREDIBLE!!!!!! I’M HOOKED. The first piece of bread in 3 months!! Also the 2 carb muffins! OMG!!!! Not sure if i can wait that long for next shipment. But Whole Foods is coming to Charlotte soon. I hope they carry!!
    Scott Mauney

  • adam


  • Barbara R

    I just tried this. I like it is so far the only bread I like. Low in sugar and carbs too!
    Barbara Cool-Rafes

  • Patty Houston

    I got this bread and it was perfect. Was shipped within a week of order and arrived in 2 days to the east coast. I have had it in my freezer for 3 weeks now, and take out pieces as needed. It is best toasted as it brings out the flavor. It is extremely filling!
    Patty Houston

  • Sheryl Bowman

    Pretty good, waaayyyyy better than the first GF bread, like it best toasted (multiple times to get it “toasted”), and the Coconut Bread is actually deish for sandwiches – hadn’t had one in a looonnnggg time!!! yaaayyy Julian Bakery!
    Sheryl Bowman

  • Stacy Wade

    I ordered the Coconut Paleo bread and absolutely loved it. It was worth every penny.

  • Leora Hutkin

    OMG … finally received my coconut Paleo Bread. Because it’s 107 degrees out, it came off the UPS truck warm and soft … like from the oven! LOL It’s soft and delicious … but I decided to try a slice toasted w/grass fed butter. OMG YUM! I can’t wait to make a sandwich with it! Really suprised how good it is (I usually eat Ezekial when I do eat bread). Leora Hutkin

  • Lisa Jo

    Soooo EXCITED!!! I am heading to the Healthy Alternative store tomorrow to get me some Coconut bread and some of the Cinnamon as well. I’m doing the low carb thing so this is going to be a delightful treat!!! Thank you Julian Bakery. You have made so many people HAPPY people!

  • Beverly Sedler Triplett

    Is this bread good for sandwiches?

    • Julian Bakery

      Paleo Bread makes the best sandwiches!

  • Michelle

    It took a while but I finally received my bread, and I must say it was worth the wait and I am really impressed with the coconut version.
    I was worried I would be tasting the sweetish coconut flavor but that was not the case, it’s very mild and tasty, plus It toasted up great kind of close to actually “white bread.” I’m able to get my smart carb at Whole Foods and look forward to being able to receive the this bread eventually at the grocer. I tried the zero carb as well but the coconut and smart carb are my favs. Thanks for making this bread.

  • elizaneth Richardson

    Thank you for the Paleo bread – Wonderful product! Had my first poached egg on toast in years!! As one of your other satisfied customers wrote – very filling with the protein, plenty of fibre and NO GLUTEN or YEAST! Hurray! Thanks again. Elizabeth Richardson Tucson, AZ

  • Elaine Hammond

    My bread came two days ago – a loaf of each. I expected to like the Almond best – surprise! While it is good – very good indeed – it is the Coconut that has won my heart. This will sound silly to some of you, but it’s just like eating bread…and
    I have really missed bread. I’m hoping to convince Wegman’s to carry
    it, so I can buy locally. Until then, I plan to order a few loaves at
    a time and freeze them. Thank you, Julian Bakery!
    Elaine Hammond

  • Maggie Dokic

    I wanted to thank you for my Paleo bread order. It arrived today and I was surprised, since I was not expecting it until Friday or Saturday. I toasted a slice so I could taste it. It is actually very tasty and doesn’t remind me of something I have to “put up” with just for the sake of eating Paleo. Thanks again for a good product. I am eating this way for the many health benefits and your bread makes it easier for me to do this. kind regards, Maggie Dokic

  • Megan Hill

    Just had my first toast in such a long time… Thank You!!!! Megan Lee Hill

  • Andrew Lisowski

    After not eating gluten for many, many months now, I miss a simple sandwich. Got my first loaf via Fed Ex and not only did I have my chicken breast on the coconut bread but also had a hamburger on it the next day. With no guilt! I so enjoyed it. – Andrea Lisowski

  • Randy Klein

    I cannot speak highly enough of the coconut bread. It is the perfect way too add fibre to your diet if you are doing high protein/low carb/gluten free. It is the only thing that has worked for me so far. Nuff said – Thank you – Randy Klein

  • Julian Bakery

    Paleo freezes great for 3+ Months!

  • Penny Stevens

    Hello again…received my bread order today, and the Carb Zero cinnamon bread smells so good right out of the box unopened! I decided to start with a chicken sandwich of the Paleo coconut bread right out of the box not yet refrigerated. Nice texture, good flavor, and boy was I full when I was done! The protein and fiber do their job wonderfully; I was satisfied and full instead of wanting more with conventional bread.

    Going to have cinnamon toast in the morning with breakfast with friends, can’t wait to try it. Thanks for a great bread! Penny Stevens

  • Mary Titus

    Hmm, perfect ingrediients for my dietary lifestyle. Can I get the at Mother’s Market does anyone know?

    • Ruby

      I just bought my loaves at Mother’s Market.

  • Julian Bakery

    Paleo Bread will take 1 to 2 months to be distributed to all these . Use our Special Offer – Buy 6 or LESS and use Promo Code 1776 for $5 off or Buy 6 or MORE and receive UPS 2 Day for $15 or UPS Ground (West Coast Only) for $5.95 visit
    If we do not have a store near you bring this into your local health food/grocery store:

  • Julian Bakery

    We bake and ship fresh using UPS with orders being delivered in 1 to 2 days from time of shipping!

  • Stella

    When is this bread going to be in the Coeur D’Alene, ID stores?

    • Julian Bakery

      Paleo Bread will take 1 to 2 months to be distributed to all these . Use our Special Offer – Buy 6 or LESS and use Promo Code 1776 for $5 off or Buy 6 or MORE and receive UPS 2 Day for $15 or UPS Ground (West Coast Only) for $5.95 visit
      If we do not have a store near you bring this into your local health food/grocery store:

    • Tina Schell

      Stella, I found it at Pilgrims in CDA, look in the freezer section. I get the 1 carb and its great!!

  • zina

    Any stores in upstate new york going to carry your bread? Its only available in Jersey and the city. I’m near Westchester, dutchess, orange and putnum county

  • Patricia Jensen

    Incredible bread. Ordered on line and it arrived fresh and delicious. I have celiac and had not been able to find decent bread ever!
    Patricia Neal Jensen

  • Shira Winintzky

    So happy after a 6 hr workout today my coconut and almond paleo bread arrived. First time I’ve seen a bread with ingredients I can have and they taste really good! If I had to choose one the coconut is my fav but they are both very good. Thanks so much for making this bread that I can have now….sandwiches and french toast here I come! :) Shira Winintzky

  • Baltimore Website Designer

    OMG…I am so excited to see this bread. I cook with coconut flour all the time! I can’t wait to try this!!

  • Florie Parejko

    Also what about the low carb bagels that were in the works?

    • Julian Bakery

      I think sometime in 2013 we will see Paleo Coconut Bagels!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Deirdre

        Paleo coconut bagels would be amazing!! Please develop these ASAP! I can’t wait! Love love love the coconut bread! Its delicious…

  • Florie Parejko

    When is this coming to the stores? Especially Greenfield’s in San Antonio Tx.

  • Janna

    This sounds delicious we are certainly going to order some for our 2 gluten free children (Celiac Sprue)

  • Monica

    Can’t wait to try this one! Is there anyway that y’all could do a mix’n’match box of six? Id love to get a few loaves of this along with a few of the new carb zero loaves. Right now I buy 6 to save on the shipping costs but can only get either get 6 regular carb zero or 6 cinnamon carb zero at a time. It would be great to be able to take advantage of the 6 loaves at a time but buy 2 loaves of each type. Is that possible? Thanks!!

    • perle0

      I ordered 6 loaves of mixed type and got the discount, so I think it’s possible.

      • Monica

        super good to know – I had no idea :) I will be doing this next time!

    • Holly Quinn

      We buy a box of 6 or 8 loaves every few months (to take advantage of the cheap shipping) and we always mix and match. Last order was 4 SmartCarb1, 1 SmartCarb3 and 1ZeroCarb. Still got the discount, so you should be able to aswell.

      • Robin Montoya

        Do you freeze it?

        • Julian Bakery

          Yes, it freezes great for 3+ Months!


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