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# 1 High Protein Bread 32g Protein In 2 Slices!

The #1 Best High Protein Bread on the market is made by the Julian Bakery. Our High Protein bread is called Smart Carb # 1 bread which has 16g Of protein and 3 Net Carbs per slice. Our Smart Carb # 2 bread has 4 Net Carbs per slice and 16g of protein in every slice which means in two slices you get 32g of protein!

This high protein bread was specifically formulated for people on low carb high protein diets. The best part of this bread is that it’s organic, sugar free, sprouted, delicious, and it has three different sources of protein! We value your health and take the time in choosing the highest quality protein sources available which include Organic Eggs and the highest quality protein on the market, Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate. The grains we use are 40% higher protein than any regular whole grain wheat!

Our Smart Carb breads are ideal for anyone looking to take in the maximum amount of protein per slice. Our bread has no preservatives or sugar making this the ideal bread to stay lean and fit. You work hard to keep your body looking good which is why when selecting a bread to put into your body our Smart Carb bread is the perfect choice. Julian Bakery’s Smart Carb contains the lowest amount of net carbs combined with the maximum amount of protein and fiber. For this high protein low carb bread goto: Smart Carb Info Page today and begin to take advantage of the highest quality protein bread on the market.

So If you looking for the highest quality egg and whey protein bread on the market then look no further because Smart Carb High Protein bread is as good as it gets with the highest grade of whey protein you can eat!!



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