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IKDiet™ Diet & Workout Plan

This revolutionary IKDiet™ has been in development for the past 5 years. It is the culmination of massive amounts of diet information that I have collected from several different protocols. This is a no-gimmick, effective plan that will result in impressive weight loss when followed closely. Some people have reported losing up to 2 pounds per day on this plan. The more diligently you follow it—and also incorporate the workout program outlined below—the greater the likelihood you can see similar results. Unlike other restrictive diets that are hard to follow, this one incorporates InstaKetones™ which keeps you feeling good and satisfied while consuming fewer calories, carbs and fat. Unlike traditional Keto Diets InstaKetones™ replaces the fat in your diet allowing you to feel satiated and energized while consuming less calories. This allows your body to burn stored fat as fuel yet preserves your muscles because of the high protein intake we recommend.


The ketogenic—aka “keto”—diet has become extremely popular in recent years as both science and practice have proven its effectiveness in helping people lose weight. Studies have also shown that people who implement the keto diets also experience improvements in cholesterol levels, triglycerides and blood glucose levels—each of these are characteristics linked with decreased risk of heart disease and associated health problems (i).

The keto diet is essentially a high-fat, low-carb, low-protein approach that, after a period of time, puts the body into a state of ketosis. Ketosis is a condition in which the body does not have adequate glucose for energy and then must turn to fat stores to maintain physiological function. The result is accelerated fat loss.

While the keto diet has proven successful, there are also some significant drawbacks to it.

Restriction leads to yo-yo dieting

It’s safe to say that those who engage in weight loss diets not only want to lose weight, but aim to keep it off. However, unfortunately, most people who participate in highly restrictive diets may lose weight, but they rarely keep it off. Research shows that 95% of people who lose weight successfully gain it back within 5 years (ii). These kinds of diets rely on willpower, which psychologists suggest can fatigue over time much like muscles do during a workout (iii). The keto diet requires significant macro restriction and may difficult to follow for the long-term.

Calorie overload

Unless you are dealing with some sort of metabolic deficiency, weight loss happens when you cut energy intake (iv). This process is one of the foundations of the keto diet. However, a problem arises due to the high-fat intake. Both carbohydrates and proteins carry 4 calories per gram whereas fat holds 9 calories per gram. Because the keto diet requires a significant increase in fat intake, it can become very difficult to regulate calorie consumption.

Lose fat and muscle

It is my belief that people interested in weight loss also want to develop a lean, muscular body. However, I have seen that, while people who employ the keto diet do lose weight, they don’t look toned or have much muscle definition. Studies have linked low protein intake with muscle loss (v). When the body goes into a calorie restriction, it will look to any and all sources of stored energy to maintain its functions. Muscle tissue is one such source. That means that keto-related weight loss comes from both fat and muscle. Conversely, diets that include higher protein levels tend to preserve muscle tissue (vi, vii).

Delayed ketosis

Finally, it can take several days for the body to burn through glucose and turn to fat for energy. (viii) Delayed ketosis is unattractive for individuals who wish to fast-track the fat-loss process. InstaKetones allow your body do fast track it’s way to ketogenic fat burning mode within 45 to 60 minutes.

Using InstaKetones™ for accelerated fat-loss. This article isn’t meant to demonize the keto diet; it is, however, meant to offer a fat-loss plan that is more efficient and manageable. This is because you can use InstaKetones to replace fat in a traditional Keto Diet and preserve muscle with a high protein intake. This is not a traditional diet because we are allowing InstaKetones to do the work of emulating fat to curb appetite and satiate the body.

As discussed, the keto diet is designed to put the body into a state of ketosis, which then produces ketones and results in fat loss. One of the secrets that many overlook is the use of exogenous ketones to accelerate fat loss—and this can happen with carbohydrate restriction (ix). Despite this, it’s important to note that carbohydrate restriction is necessary to see significant and fast-paced fat loss. We also restrict fat intake until you reach your ideal weight. We want the body burning stored fat instead of consumed fat with a high intake of protein to ensure your muscles are preserves and a lean muscle look is achieved.

Elevated ketones through supplementation can also result in improved cognition and athletic performance, (x, xi) the opposite of which is often reported by people on the keto diet. Exogenous ketones, such as our InstaKetones, ease the difficulty of restrictive diets as they can aid with appetite suppression and increased energy levels (viii).  This is why you can follow this low calorie, low carb, low fat, high protein diet for up to 8 weeks.

To further speed things along we suggest also limiting the amount of fat consumed during the first 8 weeks or less depending in your weight loss goal. The reason for this is InstaKetones burn stored fat as energy and want you body burning the stored fat instead of the ingested fat during this period. Normally following a low calorie, low carb, low fat diet for up to 8 weeks (length depends on how much weight you want to lose) would be miserable but that’s where InstaKetones come in and provide your body access within 60 minutes or less pulling your body into ideal ketone fat burning ketone ranges of 1.0mm/L to 3.0/mm/L. (Measurable using an Abbott Blood Ketone meter) (This Is An Optional Item) The longer you follow the diet the more natural ketones you will have during the course of the diet.

I have personally had success with the IKDiet and I am so happy to share my plan with you as I feel it’s the best weight to reach and maintain your ideal weight year-round. Please note you do not need to work out to get amazing results however we do recommend it.

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The IKDiet

Each of the drawbacks of the keto diet—decreased energy, muscle loss, appetite fluctuations, delayed ketosis/fat burning—is addressed with the IKDiet.

Maintain muscle mass. As stated, the keto diet includes lots of fat and moderate to little protein intake. The body needs protein to maintain and build muscle mass. Without adequate protein, muscle also becomes a target for fuel. What happens is that you do lose weight, but also sacrifice hard muscle, which results in a less defined body. The IKDiet focuses on high protein intake to preserve muscle mass so that when you burn fat, muscle is revealed giving you a strong, toned look.

Fat-burning mode

Increased protein intake is essential for muscle preservation, however this can upset the body’s ability to produce the maximum amount of ketones. As we know, ketones are necessary to help you become a fat-burning machine. Exogenous ketones (BHB) are the solution to this problem because they cause the body to turn to fat for fuel. Research has shown that this will happen even in the presence of muscle glycogen, ingested carbohydrate and elevated insulin (xvi). For maximum benefit, it’s recommended to avoid carbohydrates while taking ketones, however this study exemplifies how effective the supplements are at directing the body to use fat for fuel. We recommend consuming 1g to 1.5g protein per lbs. So if your 200lbs (200g Protein to 250g protein per day).

Taking exogenous ketones, like InstaKetones, allows the body to switch to fat-burning mode for 4 hours or longer depending on your diet. This process is made more effective by either fasting or eliminating all carbs, sugar and starches (no fruit), and forces your body to burn stored fat during workouts and throughout your day. Remember without changing your diet InstaKetones can’t do there job and that’s to curb appetite, increase natural energy, improve endurance and mental clarity while you consume less calories which forces the body to burn stored fat as fuel. If you consume to much fat, carbohydrates, or sugar it switches the body back over to these consumed ingredients as fuel instead of your stored fat.

Energy boost

When your body is accustomed to using carbohydrates/glucose for energy, it can experience energy deficits as it transitions to burning fat as fuel. Keto dieters have reported feelings of fatigue or even flu-like symptoms during the transition phase. InstaKetones eliminates these troublesome side effects as they offer boosts in energy, endurance and mental clarity by emulating fat intake and curbing your appetite and cravings. Novel research shows that ketone supplementation has the opposite effect and offers users a boost in performance and endurance (xvi).  We actually say that InstaKetones can replace fat in your diet allowing your body to burn stored fat instead of consumed fat (Through Diet) allowing your body to feel satiated while performing any kind of workout.

This is especially useful so that you can make the most of your workout (outlined below). Simply changing your diet will result in fat loss. However, maximum fat loss is achieved by following the IKDiet and working out.

These concepts are at the heart of a superior IKDiet plan we have developed to help you burn fat, maintain muscle mass and see swift results without feeling deprived or depleted of energy. The plan is separated into two phases: Slim Down and Maintenance.

During Phase 1 (Up To 8 weeks) Slim-Down phase, which can result in a loss of two pounds per day, the body’s metabolism will be reset and will also go through a period of healing due to the elimination of gluten and other harmful ingredients. The result is a body and mind that functions at its most optimal level. Once completed, you will then transition to the Maintenance phase, which is easily implemented year-round. And if you happen to regress a bit, simply reset the body again with the Slim Down plan. As an added bonus, I’ve also put together a workout program for you to follow that will help expedite the fat-loss process.

But before we begin . . . a note on InstaKetones:

If you are super techy and like knowing your exact ketone level during your slim-down phase it is important to achieve a blood ketone level of 1.0 mmo/L to 3.0 mmo/L for optimal fat metabolism. A combination of InstaKetones, restricted calories from protein, and avoidance of carbs/sugar and starch can quickly help you achieve these levels. Typically, this means you will consume InstaKetones up to three times (Focus On At Least Twice) spaced out by 4-hour increments. During the slim-down phase (Up To 8 Weeks), the goal is to keep blood ketone levels to about 1.0mmo/L to 3.0 mmo/L. To do this, you will take InstaKetones once or twice per day spread out every 4 hrs. You can also take the non-caffeine version as a third serving (optional) to aid in your body burning stored fat overnight. Many have reported improved sleep by doing this and additional weight loss.

The tricky part about this is that everyone is different and so you can monitor blood ketone level (But You Don’t Have To As You Will Naturally Fall Within Range If You Follow The Diet) so you know exactly where you are at all times and can adjust InstaKetone intake accordingly. (Note: If you have any health issues including but not limited to diabetes, pregnancy or nursing consult your doctor before beginning this program)  Recommended Ketone Monitor: The current best way to do this is with the Abbot/Ketone Glucose Monitor Kit (Optional) but the entire kit is $149.99 (Comes with Ketone Meter / Lancet /10 Ketone Strips/ 100 Lancets / 100 Alcohol Swap Pads) (Click Here To Buy). You won’t need to test yourself often once you’ve got a good grasp of how to properly consume InstaKetones to achieve your ideal fat-burning range.

Finally, I highly recommend avoiding eating anything up to 4 hours after taking InstaKetones to maximize weight loss. Studies show that short bouts of intermittent fasting accelerate the weight loss process (xvii, xviii). What’s great about ingesting ketones is that it offers the benefits of long-term fasting without actually having to spend days in starvation mode (xv). Avoiding food after supplementation makes it all the more likely that the body will target fat stores for fuel.

Are you ready to get started? Here is the breakdown of both phases:

Phase 1:  (SLIM DOWN)

The first phase of this plan follows a low-carb, low to no-fat, high-protein, low-calorie approach. Combined with daily InstaKetones supplementation, you will shed fat easily without sacrificing mental and physical performance and energy levels. The macronutrient breakdown is 80% protein, 20% carbohydrates from vegetables and 0% fat. Women should aim to keep calories to 1,000-1,200 per day from lean proteins and vegetables only. Men will want to consume no more than 1,200-1,400 calories per day from lean proteins and vegetables only.

The following is a step-by-step plan for you to follow for up to 2-8 weeks (Depending On How Much Weight You Want To Lose) . But before I explain this, here are some helpful hints that can enhance your overall experience:

  • Aim to consume 2 ounces of wheatgrass per day. Wheatgrass is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and is often considered by many to improve digestion (xii). It also contains amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein and muscle (xiii). Wheatgrass also helps stimulate the thyroid gland which in turn helps you shed unwanted weight.
  • Daily ginger shots with lemon can flood the body with beneficial nutrients; help with digestion; and reduce nausea, pain and inflammation, and best of all act as a natural anti-estrogen. (xiv).
  • Curb sweet cravings by consuming items with monk fruit or stevia.
  • Preserve and grow muscle with BCAA supplements. (xv)
  • Vegans can take advantage of vegan protein powders and foods like organic sprouted tofu patties to boost protein intake.
  • Choose from our vast array of Protein Powders & Protein Bars Here (Organic Plant Proteins, Egg White, Grass-Fed Beef & More)

Ok, here is your daily meal and supplementation protocol. Remember that this plan should last no longer than 8 weeks. If you do not achieve your desired weight during this timeframe, switch to Phase 2 for 4 weeks and follow Phase 1 again for up to another 8 weeks (Note You Almost Never Unless Your Losing More Than 80 lbs). Remember to focus on getting at least 1g to 1.5g of protein per lbs you weigh to ensure your body preserves your muscle and burns stored fat.

Monday through Sunday

Morning Protocol

  • Consume 16 ounces of water immediately upon waking
  • Consume protein powder (1 scoop for women, 2 scoops for men) or egg whites with salsa (100-200 calories) (25g to 50g Protein)
  • Consume a probiotic (helps with digestion and gut health)
  • Caffeine lovers may love our espresso (Egg White Protein) or consume organic coffee, green coffee extract pills, or InstaKetones w/Organic Caffeine or yerba mate

45 Minutes Before Workout

  • Consume 3 Now Foods MCT Oil Caps (25 cal) (This is optional) . MCT stands for medium chain triglyceride (Derived From Coconut).
  • Next, take 1 Scoop InstaKetones, mixed with 8 ounces of water (45 cal)

Do not consume any carbs, starch or sugar at this point as we want your body to burn stored fat as fuel from here on out (Note: Try Not To Consume Any Carbs/Sugar/Starch For 8 Weeks: This Includes Fruit). This process is hampered by carbs, starch, fat and sugar. Also, you may experience slight hunger and cravings with the initial dose. This will subside after you’ve taken your second serving of InstaKetones. Your initial thought may be how am I going to avoid this and feel good. Don’t worry InstaKetones curb hunger & cravings and make you feel amazing as they emulate fat and satiate you among many other benedits. This is why we recommend them every 4 hrs (Up To 3 Times A Day) but most people seem to curb hunger & cravings with just 2 servings. If you are strict one serving will also work after the first couple of weeks.

Workout (60 minutes. Aim to Burn 600 to 1000 calories)

See “Lean Body Workout Plan” section below for program details.

Lunch (500 Calories Max)

Options: Steak, Fish, Chicken, Egg White on Salad or w/veggies.

Note: Protein and vegetable options are flexible, however you should choose very lean proteins and low-carb vegetables. This is what each lunch and dinner option will look like during the slim-down phase.

Drink More Water

  • After lunch, consume a second serving Of InstaKetones (45 Cal). Note: After your second serving of InstaKetones, you will notice a significant reduction in hunger and cravings.
  • Drink more water with organic lemon.

Dinner (Limit 600 Calories)

Organic Chicken, steak or fish & Broccoli. Note: The Organic Broccoli Pack at Costco is easy to make.

Dessert (Optional)

Note: Try warming it up for up to 10 seconds to make it soft, gooey and even more flavorful.

Before Bed

1/2 to 1 Teaspoon Of Glucomannan Powder (Click Here).

Note: This will help you continue to burn fat throughout the night. (Don’t allow yourself to get lose bowels). If this occurs consume every other day.

Sleep is critical to this process. If you have difficulty falling asleep, we recommend up to 2 mg of melatonin before bed. If you wake up groggy go down to 1mg. If 2mg wasn’t enough take a hot shower or bath before you go to bed to relax your body. Also

Once the 4-6-week Slim-Down plan has been completed, it’s time to shift to the Maintenance phase, which is essentially your go-to, year-round plan.

Phase 2: (Maintenance Plan)

The Maintenance Plan offers significantly more flexibility and is designed to help you maintain the ideal weight you achieved as a result of the Slim-Down Plan. It’s important to consider that you still want to burn more calories than you consume to avoid gaining the weight you lost.

The Maintenance plan allows for an increase in healthy fats, which tend to improve satiety. Starch, carbohydrate and sugar intake should remain low. You will also ingest one scoop of InstaKetones daily at least 5 days per week.

The first 2 weeks of the maintenance plan should be considered a transition phase in which you gradually move to the year-round diet. The macronutrient breakdown during this time is 70% protein, 15% fats and 15% carbs (Carbs From Vegetables / Fiber).  Once the 2 weeks are finished, then shift to 60% protein, 20% fat and 20% carbs carbs (Carbs From Vegetables / Fiber Only). The meal plan is flexible and should be adjusted based on your own likes as long as it fits within the macro breakdown. It has been my experience that telling people exactly what to eat rarely works for the long-term. Spend a bit of time researching meal options before heading to the grocery store so you know exactly how much of everything you will eat and how to organize your meals throughout the day. Make sure to read the labels of the foods you plan to eat to ensure they have no more than 2g of naturally occurring sugar and 7 net carbs per meal. (Net Carbs are carbohydrates less fiber) On labels every gram of fiber adds one gram of carbohydrate. These carbs from fiber can be deducted from carbohydrates as fiber will not effect your fat burning. In fact it helps push the fat and toxins from the body.

You will add in healthy, moderate fats that will help you meet your target calorie intake in phase 2. As I’ve stated many times, it’s important to closely monitor your calories here because it’s very easy to overdo it because fat is much more calorie dense than carbs and protein.

Women should aim to take in 1,000 to 1,200 calories per day during Phase 1. Fat consumption in phase 2 can be adjusted based on your ideal weight.

Men can take in 1,200 to 1,400 calories per day, adjusting fat consumption based on ideal weight. Focus on the macro ratios above to tailor your food intake accordingly.

Note: These calorie ranges are basic recommendations. The best way to understand how many calories you should eat is to calculate your daily average calorie expenditure (Use A Fitness Tracker). In a weight maintenance phase, you’ll want to keep ingested calories still slightly less than daily calories burned. To drop weight, you’ll want to reduce calorie intake so that you are in a significant deficit.

Here is a sample protocol to follow:

Upon waking

Morning Vitamins: (Optional But Recommended)

First Meal

  • Protein: Daily protein intake should be 1g per lbs you weigh
  • Paleo/Primal/Pegan Protein: (Egg/Beef/Whey/Seed Protein) (1 to 2 Scoops) (Protein: 25g to 50g)
  • Espresso / Organic Coffee / or Yerba Mate (Unflavored)
  • Sweetening (Pure Monk) monk fruit
  • 1 Organic Apple

45 minutes Before Workout (you can workout any time of the day)

Consume InstaKetones

Important note: Do NOT consume any sugar or protein otherwise this will ruin your Slim Down phase, which will prevent your body from using fat stores for energy.


  • Salad: (Topped w/Steak/Chicken/Fish) Don’t overdo your preferred dressing
  • Apple


Pumpkin seeds (Organic). Go Raw brand is great. Serving size: No more than one handful


Chicken / Steak / Fish. Always buy organic and low-fat steak such as
filet mignon or ground top sirloin.

Steamed Vegetables (Preferably broccoli, which acts as a great anti-estrogen)
Dessert: Sugar-free dark chocolate. Serving size: No more than half a bar


PM Vitamins and supplements

  • ZMA (Now Foods)
  • Glucomannan Fiber Powder (Use One Tablespoon) (**Only use if you’re not
    having 2 t BM’s a day As This Is Critical To Flush The Fat/Waste). You can also add Paleo Noodles / Rice / Fettuccini as it’s made from Glucomannan if you don’t want to take this the powder form. This is a great way to increase fiber and curb appetite.
  • Now Foods Men’s Virility Capsules (Men only)
  • Ginger capsules for improved digestion and anti-estrogen
  • Digest (Vitamins)
  • Bitter Melon Extract

Other Pointers

This food plan is meant to be a general template for you to follow and just so long as you’re consuming between 1000 to 1400 calories a day from healthy complete proteins, low to no-fats and low carb. You will reach your ideal weight so don’t worry about being overly hungry as InstaKetones™ curbs appetite by burning your body’s own stored fat as fuel. These stored fat reserves in the body are plentiful and by focusing on consuming protein and a low to no-fats during this phase you will lose weight. If you combine our exercise program with the diet you will lose weight and build a lean, hardened muscle physique if that is your goal. Part of the reason why other diets fail to give you a lean defined look is the lack of consumption of protein which contain the vital amino acids for building muscle. Make sure you are consuming 1g to 1.5g protein per lbs you weigh to achieve this look. Remember InstaKetones™ are designed to help you feel great while cutting out all the junk in your diet. Also, remember to drink lots of water through the day as your body will pass the stored fat from your body primarily through your urine.

Before Bed

Melatonin (1.5 to 2mg Is Ideal). Helps your body reach a deeper sleep. (Combine with a hot shower or bath before bed to really help the body relax)
**Take only if you’re not feeling refreshed and energized when you wake up**

Note: The plan above is only a guideline for you the focus of Phase 1 is to reset your metabolism by ridding you diet of grains, gluten, soy and highly processed foods and allow your body to thrive. The plan above will keep you feeling good while burning your stored fat for fuel enabling you to reach or maintain your ideal weight. Don’t feel bad if you have a cheat meal every now and then as InstaKetones will put you back in fat burning mode within 60 minutes. Limit your alcohol consumption to one night a week during the first 8 weeks and if you are going to drink focus on no more than one 6oz glass of organic sulphite free red wine or grain free vodka (with soda & lemon).

Making the plan work for you

The best diets are those that can be easily implemented into your lifestyle for the long-term. One way to ensure this is to adjust it to meet your specific needs, which means that some experimentation might be necessary to find your unique formula. Here are some helpful tips on how to do that:

  • InstaKetones curb appetite naturally and you should not feel hungry as your body is burning stored fat as energy. You will find by the second serving of InstaKetones (Consumed 4hrs After The First) that you will be extremely satiated, and clear minded. This feeling can continue if you avoid carbs/sugar/starches (Focus On Protein/Healthy Fats In Moderation/Carbs From Veggies). If you do feel hungry, increase your protein and healthy fat intake. However, you need to be careful; as we’ve discussed, fats are calorie dense, which means that it can be easy to overdo it and create a caloric excess. Excess, unused calories will be stored as fat. Consuming the Now Foods MCT Oil Caps can also help you feel full.
  • It’s common to put on a pound or two once you’ve finished Phase one so don’t worry if the scale sees a slight uptick. This is why we sometimes suggest to lose a pound or two more than you originally were set on losing to ensure you hit your ideal weight after you head into maintenance Phase 2. One thing to note is if you begin gaining too much weight cut back on your fat level to ensure you are consuming less calories than you burn each day.
  • Look for the best quality, organic, grass-fed sources of animal proteins. If you have difficulty fulfilling protein requirements, look to alternative sources like protein bars or powders. Powders are especially helpful because they can be easily ingested and absorbed without making you feel heavy or overly full. Avoid soy at all cost unless you are a vegan then this is merely a lifestyle choice. Soy in general can trigger excess estrogen especially in men.
  • Aim to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day. Fat and excess ketones will exit your body through urine
  • Focus on consuming 1g to 1.5g protein per lbs you weigh and .15 grams of fat per lbs you weigh. Focus on consuming no more than 28 net carbs a day.
  • Ingest InstaKetones on an empty stomach for best results.
  • Add coconut cream to your InstaKetones mixture to change taste to an orange dreamsicle flavor!
  • Note: The reason why the sodium level is so high in InstaKetones is because ketones drain fluid and sodium & calcium from the body so that is why we add in calcium and sodium into the InstaKetone formula. Electrolytes are necessary for muscle contraction, nerve impulse transmission, optimal fluid levels and kidney function. Meats and dark green vegetables (like broccoli) are good electrolyte sources.  This is why we have you consuming broccoli, wheatgrass and any other dark greens you can take in to your food plan. We also suggest consuming lemon water throughout the day to ens
  • Once you have determined your daily calorie needs, you may feel as though you need to eat enough to meet them each day. That’s not necessary. Don’t force yourself to eat if you are not hungry.

LEAN BODY WORKOUT PROGRAM  (Before Starting Any Diet Or Exercise Program Always Consult Your Doctor)

The following workout program should be followed weekly. The minimum requirement is to work out 3 days per week (Note You Can Still Lose Weight By Just Following The Diet) . Aim to work out 4 to 5 days each week to maximize results. Your goal is to burn 600 to 1000 calories per sessions. Use a FitBit® or Apple Watch® or other fitness tracker to track calorie expenditure.

Pre workout. About 45 minutes before the workout, take one serving on InstaKetones and do not eat any carbs, starch or sugar to make sure that your body uses fat for fuel and energy.

Post workout. Immediately post-workout, consume protein powder or a Paleo Protein Bar as well as a serving of BCAA.

Stretching/Mobility. Prior to each cardio workout, stretch the legs and/or perform some sort of foam rolling to increase circulation, blood flow and mobility. Once the cardio component is finished, stretch/foam roll the area of the body that will be the focus of the strength segment.

Finisher. Each workout will end with some sort of “finisher,” which is designed to enhance muscle burn, elevate the heart rate and strengthen the core/abs. Finishers enhance the fat-loss process.


Cardio. Complete the following 30-minute sequence:

  • 10 minutes stair step, increasing the intensity every 2 minutes.
  • 10 minutes jogging/running
  • 10 minutes elliptical

Note: If cardio machine options are limited, use those that are available to you.

Strength: Pull (back/biceps). Perform three sets of 10 repetitions (choose a weight that is heavy, but does not cause you to strain at any point) unless otherwise stated, resting after each set, of each of the following:
Front pull-downs using the lat pull-down machine

  • Horizontal pulls using the seated row machine
  • One-arm dumbbell bent-over rows using dumbbell (right and left arm)
  • Low-back hyper extensions using hyperextension machine. Start with no weight and increase resistance as tolerated
  • Finisher. This is a muscle burn/cardio/abdominal focus. Complete as follows:
  • Elliptical machine for 10 minutes at a high enough level to cause muscle burn, followed by a few minutes of rest
  • Three sets of 15 repetitions suspended crunches/knee tucks using the TRX (if available). Substitute with a medicine ball, gliding disks or other similar tool. If possible, perform five push-ups prior to each set of crunches/tucks.
  • Three sets of 15 repetitions of rollouts using the ab wheel or other similar movement


Cardio. Complete the following 30-minute sequence:

  • 10 minutes stair step, increasing the intensity every 2 minutes.
  • 10 minutes jogging/running
  • 10 minutes elliptical

Note: If cardio machine options are limited, use those that are available to you.

Strength: Push, Press (chest/triceps). Perform three sets of 10 repetitions of the following unless otherwise stated:

  • Chest dips using the dip bar
  • three sets of 20 push-ups
  • Cable flyes using cable crossover machine. Substitute with a bench flye if a cable machine is not available

Finisher. Complete each of the following as directed:

  • Treadmill. Set to level two incline. Walk for 2 minutes, jog/run for 6-7 minutes and then walk again for the remaining time.
  • TRX. Three sets of 15 repetitions suspended crunches/knee tucks. If possible, complete five push-ups prior to the crunches/tucks. Substitute a stability ball, gliding disks or other similar tool when necessary.

Wednesdays. No training—Day off


Cardio. Complete the following 30-minute sequence:

  • 10 minutes stair step, increasing the intensity every 2 minutes.
  • 10 minutes jogging/running
  • 10 minutes elliptical

Strength: Lower-Body. Perform three sets of 10 repetitions of the following unless otherwise stated:

  • Leg extensions, leg extension machine
  • Leg press, leg press machine
  • Calf raises, calf raise machine

Finisher. Complete each of the following as directed:

  • Treadmill. Set to level two incline. Walk for 2 minutes, jog/run for 6-7 minutes and then walk again for the remaining time.


Conditioning. Complete each of the following as directed:

  • 10 minutes stair step, increasing the intensity every 2 minutes.
  • 10 minutes jogging/running
  • 10 minutes elliptical
  • Rest a few minutes
  • Elliptical machine for 10 minutes at a high enough level to cause muscle burn
  • Treadmill. Set to level two incline. Walk for 2 minutes, jog/run for 6-7 minutes and then walk again for the remaining time
  • TRX. Three sets of 15 repetitions suspended crunches/knee tucks. If possible, complete five push-ups prior to the crunches/tucks. Substitute a stability ball, gliding disks or other similar tool when necessary
  • Rest a few minutes
  • Using a pull-up bar or similar tool, three sets of 10 reps hanging leg raises, attempting to bring toes to the bar
    Upon arriving at the gym – Stretch legs for cardio
  • Three sets of 15 repetitions of rollouts using the ab wheel or other similar movement

Saturdays and Sundays. No Training—Days off


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