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InstaKetones™ (Exogenous Ketones) (30 Servings) Orange 1.16lbs

$ 69.99

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I am so excited to introduce InstaKetones™ as it has been a true game-changer in helping me reach and maintain my ideal weight. Within 60 minutes it literally increases my measurable blood ketone level up to 2 points+. I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in my endurance and an even leaner, more sculpted look as my body is burning stored fat as energy all day. It’s easy to be Keto now because if I mess up and have fruit or too many carbs, I can put my body back into fat burning mode with just one scoop. 

Important Note: Our Ketones (BHB) for this product are made in the USA by of one of the original inventors (Which Means They Really Work!)

How often is it that we see a truly new product in the supplement industry? Most are simply rehashes of supplements we have all seen before. InstaKetones is a truly new and innovative product born out of Ketogenic research. InstaKetones is a source of ketones which act as the fuel your body uses and prefers when you go into a ketogenic state. And now you do not have to be in a ketogenic state to benefit from the power of ketones. InstaKetones is a readily available source of this amazing fuel.

Ketone bodies (ketones) are energy sources that are produced and burned under special metabolic conditions such as starvation and high fat consumption (ketogenic diets). Ketones are a super fuel that can be efficiently used by the muscles and the brain, where they generate more energy (ATP) per unit of oxygen consumed than do carbohydrates, protein, or fat. 

InstaKetones contains 11.7 grams of the ketone body Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) per serving in a delicious orange flavored base. It contains no artificial sweeteners, flavorings or colors. Consuming InstaKetones before exercise can result in significant Increases in oxygen demand and increases in performance.

InstaKetones may also heighten mental acuity and performance.

InstaKetones is excellent for ketogenic dieters who need energy but must limit carbohydrate intake. InstaKetones may also be used by individuals who consume carbohydrates to provide an additional energy source, and limit exercise-induced glycogen depletion. It may also be used to ease the transition into a ketogenic state. It may help alleviate the fatigue and lethargy some experience while making the transition from a glucose-dominant to a ketone metabolism.

For best results, InstaKetones should be stirred vigorously into eight ounces of cold water until dissolved. InstaKetones can be combined with pure MCT Oil (We Recommend Capsules) for an even greater effect.  (Please Scroll Down The Page For A Full Q&A Section)

This product is manufactured in the USA and is:
– Paleo and Keto Friendly
– Lactose Free 
– Contains NO Animal byproducts 
– Gluten Free 
– NO Artificial Colors or Flavorings 
– NO Preservatives

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Ingredients: Beta Hydroxybutyrate, Amino Acid Blend, (L-Taurine, L-Tyrosine, L-Luecine),

Calcium, Sodium, Citric Acid, Orange Extract, Lou Han Guo Extract (Monk Fruit).

What do InstaKetones Taste Like?  Delicious Orange Citrus Taste (Sweet & Tart)



We know you have questions regarding the keto diet and the role ketones—and our InstaKetones™ product—play in weight loss. Here is a roundup of the answers to some of the most common questions we’ve received.

Q: What is the ketogenic diet?

A: Originally developed as a protocol to mitigate difficult-to-control epilepsy in children, the ketogenic diet has also been found to be effective for weight management and has become increasingly popular among weight loss seekers. It is commonly made up of high-fat (60-70% total calorie intake), low-carbohydrate (5-10%) and moderate-protein (20-30%) foods and has been proven to force the body to use stored fat as fuel. This process is known as ketosis.

Q: What is ketosis?

A: Ketosis is described by the Mayo Clinic as a metabolic process in which the body is forced to rely on stored fat as fuel due to restricted carbohydrate intake (i). While the body’s first choice fuel source comes from the glucose derived from carbohydrate breakdown, it will shift to utilizing fat to ensure that it and the brain continue to function. A person interested in losing weight will aim to burn fat stores.

The body creates ketones as a result of this process.

Q: What are ketones?

A: Ketones are a class of organic compounds characterized by a carbonyl group attached to two carbon atoms. Ketones—aka B-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), acetoacetate (ACA) and acetone—are produced part of the fat breakdown process when the body is accessing fat for fuel. Ketones are considered to be a superior form of fuel. In other terms, carbohydrates are to unleaded gas as ketones are to superior unleaded.

Q: How long does it take to get into ketosis?

A: Research shows that the body can only store a two-day supply of glucose. It can take anywhere from 2 to 5 days for the body to go into ketosis but with InstaKetones this can take only 60 minutes.

Q: Can I speed up ketosis?

A: Yes. As stated, the body naturally produces ketones 2 to 5 days of carbohydrate restriction, but you can fast-track that process by taking in ketones supplements, such as InstaKetones.

Q: What is InstaKetones?

A: InstaKetones are a powdered ketone supplement offered by Julian Bakery. You mix the powder with 8-10 ounces of water, which sends the body into ketosis within 45 minutes.

Q: Is there a step by step diet and workout plan for me to follow?

A: Yes, here:  (2 Phase Approach To Losing Weight & Keeping It Off For Good)

Q: Why supplement with ketones?

A: As stated, ketones are introduced into the body following a low-carb, high-fat diet, which can be difficult to maintain. Supplementing with ketones places the body into a state of ketosis without the requirements of a restrictive, ketogenic diet. There is a lot more dietary freedom when taking ketone supplements. While it is recommended to follow a paleo or vegan, low-carb, low-fat, high-protein diet to achieve optimal results, you will see benefits regardless of whether you make any changes to your diet. The premise is by consuming a low calorie, low fat, low carb, high protein diet with InstaKetones it will allow you body to burn away the excess fat while you feel great. 

Q: Why is the sodium level so high in InstaKetones?

A: Ketones deplete levels of sodium from the body. InstaKetones contain sodium, which can offset any such losses as typically one would hold excess water weight with this much sodium. InstaKetones will flush any excess water weight from your body. Also, excess ketones do not remain in the body if they are not used; they exit the body through urine. So it’s important to drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated and keep the fat flushing through system.

Q: Are there side effects to taking InstaKetones?

A: Initially, the use of salts can cause some to have temporary, mild GI upset until the body becomes acclimated to them. Additionally, since this product contains salt, all users should limit additional salt intake.

Q: Are there other benefits of ketone supplementation?

A: Absolutely. Some of the myriad benefits of ketones include:

* regulated blood sugar and insulin levels

* appetite suppression

* decreased risk of heart disease

* improved HDL (“good”) cholesterol

* lowered blood pressure

* improved brain health and mental clarity with some research showing reduced potential for alzheimer’s development

* increased energy levels

* reduction of symptoms associated with metabolic syndrome

* migraine suppression

* reduced symptoms of depression

* mood stabilization

* improved diabetes regulation

* possible reduced risk of developing Parkinson’s disease

* reduce liver damage

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Q: I work out at night. Will InstaKetones prevent me from falling asleep?

A: No. InstaKetones is caffeine free (This Version) and some say it improves sleep.

Q: Is this product artificially flavored or sweetened?

A: No. InstaKetones is naturally flavored and has a mild, orange taste.

Q: Does InstaKetones have a shelf life?

A: InstaKetones can be stored for up to three years.

Q: Does InstaKetones™ contain any banned substances?
A: To our knowledge, none of the ingredients in InstaKetones are banned by any governing body. However it is always better to check with your sanctioning entity before consuming this or any other supplement.

Q: How should I take this product if I am trying to get into ketosis?
A: There is a loading phase when transitioning into a state of ketosis. It is recommended that you take three servings per day for 2 to 3 days; one of the servings should be taken 15 minutes pre-workout.

 Q: How should I take this product if I am in ketosis?
A: If you are already in ketosis we recommend taking 1 heaping scoop (in 8 oz of water) 15 minutes prior to working out. This will provide your body with elevated ketone levels for up to 4 hours. When taken pre-workout, InstaKetones has been shown to increase the amount of oxygen consumed at a given power output.

 Q: When is the best time to take InstaKetones?
A: Approximately 15 minutes before you engage in exercise or in the morning if fasting or before eating.

 Q: What is the shelf life of InstaKetones?
A: This product’s shelf life is three years.

 Q: Is InstaKetones vegan and/or kosher?
A: InstaKetones™ is made from completely non-animal products only.

 Q: Is the ketogenic diet fool-proof?

A: Many people have effectively lost weight while on the keto diet, but others have not seen similar success. One of the primary issues is that calorie intake plays a significant role in whether someone loses weight. Essentially, if the body is introduced to more calories than it needs, the remaining calories are stored on the body as fat. Fat itself is high in calories at 9 per gram, where as both carbohydrates and protein are only 4 calories per gram. Because of this, it’s can be easy to over consume calories since the keto diet relies primarily on high-calorie fat intake. While fat itself is proven to not cause someone to store fat, excess calories have and controlling calories from fat while feeling satiated and full is very difficult.

Secondly, a strict keto diet can be extremely difficult to maintain due to its extremely restrictive nature. Like any diet based on restriction, the potential for dropout is very high.

Q: Are there other drawbacks to the keto diet?

A: Many individuals have experienced decreased physical performance, which can be a burden for those participating in athletic or physical pursuits. Another issue is that the keto diet is low on branch chain amino acids (BCAA), which are necessary for muscular development. People who participate in the keto diet do see weight loss, some of which comes from muscle wasting. This plan makes it very difficult for people to achieve a lean, muscular body…..but we have a solution:

We developed the IKDiet which focuses on combining InstaKetones + a low calorie, low carb, low fat (for up to 8 weeks), high protein diet which is geared for building lean defined muscle and dropping excess fat. InstaKetones allows you to follow this plan effortlessly as you will feel great and satiated specifically from the InstaKetones while you alter your diet which in turn burns stored fat. The IKDiet is high in BCAA’s and allows you to consume less fat causing your body to burn your own stored fat as opposed to consumed fat which is where traditional Keto diets go wrong. Phase 2 allows you to gradually add back in moderate fats to maintain weight loss year round. 

 Q: Can InstaKetones supplementation cause ketoacidosis?

A: Ketoacidosis is a dangerous condition in which the body doesn’t make enough insulin and results in extremely high ketone levels. This makes the body highly acidic and can negatively impact internal organ function. Ketoacidosis mostly occurs in people with type 1 diabetes. Ketosis is considered a mild form of ketoacidosis, but is not considered dangerous.

Ketone supplementation is a safe protocol to increase blood ketones and it would be nearly impossible to experience an overdose that would send the body into ketoacidosis. However, it is possible to take in an amount that would cause this, however, the recommended InstaKetones serving sizes are nowhere near an amount deemed dangerous.

Q: Will I be hungry after consuming InstaKetones?
A: It is likely that you will be a bit hungry in the morning when you ingest your first serving. As such you might be tempted to satisfy cravings with carbs, sugar and/or starches; avoid such foods for at least 4 hours after InstaKetone consumption. Your cravings will subside by the time you take your second serving as your body begins to burn fat stores. Note that you can take in fewer calories without feeling restricted because your body is using fat for fuel.

Q: What is the best way to lose weight on InstaKetones
A: We suggest a 4-week plan that will allow you to lose up to 2 pounds a
day. On this plan, you eliminate sugar, almost all carbs (carbs from veggies only, like broccoli) starches (no pasta, rice, beans or grains).

This plan focuses on consuming healthy fats in extreme moderation, protein and vegetables. Do not eat fruits during these 4 weeks. You will also consume one serving of InstaKetones in the morning and then another 4 hours after. If you need some sort of sweetener, stick to organic stevia or monk fruit as long as they are low-carb or most of the carbohydrates come from fiber.

Keeping to this low-carb, low-fat plan will reset your metabolism and ramp-up fat loss.

Once the 4 weeks is completed, slowly add in healthy fats to achieve your ideal weight. It’s important to keep an eye on the extra calories from fat as consuming too much will result in a caloric excess which will then be turned into and stored as fat.

Aside from helping to put the body into ketosis, one of the other major benefits of supplementing with InstaKetones is that it curbs hunger. People who use InstaKetones have also reported feeling happy and energetic, which is often contradictory to what is said about the strict keto diet. We feel that this modified keto diet is the most effective approach for achieving maximum results in a very short amount of time.

Do you have questions that we did not answer? Please let us know in the comments section below. We are continuously updating this list based on those questions so we can be sure to provide you with everything you need to know about this incredible product.
















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