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Paleo Protein Powder Double Chocolate 2lbs (30 Servings)

$ 39.99

Our Paleo Protein Powder Double Chocolate Is the best tasting protein powder you have ever had. Our 2lbs container is soy free, gluten free (made in a dedicated gluten free facility), GMO Free, and made with Grass-Fed Beef Protein Isolate that is tested free of hormones and antibiotics. This incredibly delicious and easy to mix Paleo Protein Powder is really the best tasting and best for you protein powder on the market. We have taken extra steps to ensure this sugar free (organic stevia leaf sweetened) formula doesn’t have an after taste and taste like chocolate ice cream even when mixed with water. 

All-new, Ultra-convenient, Easy To Mix 2 carb Paleo Protein Powder: 

 Thousands of years ago your hunter-gatherer ancestors ate animals to stay strong and agile. Bodybuilders have long recognized the muscle-building power of beef for years.
Now all-new technology allows you to pack the power of beef into the convenience of a 100% Paleo protein supplement. Taking protein powder to the next level, Paleo Protein packs a
mind-bending 25g of protein into a 30g serving… with only 108 calories and two carbs! Paleo Protein is based on pure beef protein isolate (tested free of hormones & antibiotics)—an entirely new protein source only recently made available on a large scale.

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Containing no allergens, bovine protein is an amazing alternative
for those on dairy-, soy-, and/or egg-free diets.
Enhance Your Lifestyle

 • Convenient powder form, ideal for on-the-go lifestyles 

• Perfect for smoothies and shakes, as a meal replacement or post-workout booster

• Curbs hunger and boosts energy

• Great for weight management and muscle-building plans 

Enhance Your Nutrition

• A complete protein (All Amino Acids -See Below For Breakdown)

• Super low-fat and no cholesterol

• Created with a proprietary, cold manufacturing process to maintain purity

Enhance Your Muscles
• Amino acid prole contains high levels of leucine, a potent
activator of muscle protein synthesis (muscle growth).
• Pure, pharmaceutical grade, ultra-concentrated protein.
• Rich in naturally occurring, BioValuable growth factors and peptides

The Best Taste Without The Junk

• We have worked for over a year to bring the best tasting protein powder to market without sucralose or soy!

Ingredients:  Hydro Beef™ (Grass-Fed Beef Protein), Cocoa Powder, Vanilla Extract, Chocolate Extract, Organic Stevia Leaf Extract, Sea Salt. (From Pastured Cows That Are Tested Free From Hormones & Antibiotics) 



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