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Zero Cookies -The Ultimate 0 Net Carb Gluten Free Cookies!

10 Reasons WHY you should buy Zero Cookies!

  1. They’re gluten free and delicious real cookies with a great aftertaste.
  2. NO starch or sugar that can raise blood sugar and cause unwanted weight gain.
  3. Sweetened with all-natural Erythritol and Stevia, which are NO CALORIE sweeteners.
  4. NOT sweetened with maltitol, xylitol, or sorbitol which do not absorb properly and raise blood sugar.
  5. Made with heart-healthy FIBER for good digestion and to help satisfy hunger cravings.
  6. No compromises with ingredients, only the finest ingredients available.
  7. We do NOT use cheap flour, sugar or artificial sweeteners that risk good health.
  8. Include less than 1 gram of digestible carbohydrate per big 3-inch cookie (rounded to zero).
  9. Made with nutrient rich cereal psyllium that promotes a flat stomach.
  10. Now you can cheat without cheating by eating a plate of cookies with NO gluten and NO digestible carbs.                                                                       

Bonus Reason. – They’re the best tasting, gluten free, sugar free cookie on the planet!

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Saying Zero Cookies is saying No! to starch, sugar, and gluten. 

In case you’re not sold on these Gluten Free cookies after those mouthwatering reasons, let me get into more depth so you can understand from a health perspective why they’re so great.  As you should know from some of the other posts we’ve made about our Gluten Free bread, many Gluten Free products use starch to replace the wheat.  Starch is just about as evil as sugar, and in fact is immediately converted to glucose in your blood upon digestion.  Julian Bakery Bread and Zero Cookies are similar in the fact that you don’t have to worry about poorly substituted ingredients.  Every ingredient is chosen wisely to provide benefits to a healthy diet.  Here is some more information about Zero Cookies:  


Zero Cookies uses a unique blend of sweeteners that do not digest to sugar (glucose).  Erythritol is a natural sweetener that is found in grapes, melons, and pears.  Laxative side effects often associated with sugar alcohols such as maltitol, xylitol, and sorbitol are unlikely when consuming erythritol.  Stevia is a natural herb that has been used for thousands of years and has no impact on blood sugar.  Luo Han Guo or monk’s fruit extract is nearly 300 times sweeter than sugar and has been used as a natural low-calorie sweetener in China for nearly a millennium.  


Fiber by definition does not digest to sugar, while starch and flour metabolize to sugar (glucose).  We use two forms of fiber to replace starch and flour; psyllium seed and inulin.  Psyllium seed has advantages over psyllium husk.  Psyllium husk is mostly mucilage and commonly used in laxatives.  Psyllium seed contains a range of nutrients the husk does not.  Because normal digestion does not break inulin down into monosaccharides, it does not elevate blood sugar levels.  Inulin also stimulates the growth of bacteria in the gut. 

Whey Protein Isolate

Zero Cookies uses whey protein isolate for its low allergic properties.  Whey protein isolate is the most pure and concentrated form of whey protein available.  It contains 90% or more protein and very little (if any) fat and lactose.  


All flavors are all-natural.  Fructose and other sugars have been removed so that while taste remains any ingredients that impact blood glucose have  been eliminated.


Zero Cookies uses eggs and butter that are hormone and antibiotic free. Check out these great nutrition facts!

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 Cookie (20g/0.7oz)
Servings Per Container 10
Amount Per Serving
Calories 60 Calories from Fat 40
% Daily Value
Total Fat 4.5g 7%
Saturated Fat 2.5g 13%
Cholesterol 25mg 8%
Sodium 80mg 4%
Total Carbohydrate 10g (0 Net Carbs) 3%
Dietary Fiber 6g (Deduct From Carbs) 24%
Sugars 0g  
Erythritol 4g (Deduct From Carbs)  
Protein 2g  
Vitamin A 2% Vitamin C 0%
Iron 4% Calcium 2%
**Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000-calorie a day diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Ingredients: Erythritol (natural sweetener), Cereal Fiber Psyllium*, Butter; Cocoa Powder, Inulin, Egg, Whey Protein Isolate, Psyllium Husk, Organic Gum Acacia, Natural Flavors, Spices, Cellulose, Sodium Bicarbonate, Natural sweeteners Red A (stevia), Reg G (stevia) and Luo Han Guo in varying proportions and Salt.

Recommended Use: Microwave for 3-5 seconds for warm, fresh-baked, soft cookies.

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  • acham

    Is it necessary to keep the bread and cookies refrigerated?

    • Julian Bakery

      Zero Cookies do NOT need to be refrigerated.

  • sean

    Just got my 1st package of Strawberry-Banana cookies… Im not going to lie I was a bit scared to try them but they are DELISH.. I actually am super excited I found good for you can’t wait to try the bread and the pasta next… Thanks Julian Bakery!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Elliott

    This may be getting bigger than you anticipated but have you considered o/s export? Would shipping to Australia be possible? To my knowledge we don’t have anything like this here.

  • Cdf Calif

    Are the cookies made on a dedicated gluten free production line in a separate area from your gluten containing products ? Have they been tested for gluten content ?

    • Julian Bakery

      Yes, they are made in a gluten free environment separate from all wheat products and have been tested.

  • Jeanice

    These are great off season. I am currently competing so cannot have any. Your products are the real deal! LOVE THEM.

  • Julian Bakery

    They have ZERO Soy!!

  • Julian Bakery

    Yes, it’s all non-GMO

  • Julian Bakery

    Not yet but hopefully in a couple of months. If you order Qty 6 or more items from our online store shipping in $5.95.

  • Julian Bakery

    As of now our Zero Cookies are available online but we are working on distribution nationwide.

  • Kristyn McTwistyn

    This company is deleting honest replies from consumers worried about their gluten free claims as they are processed in a facility that processes wheat ingredients. Please be aware of what you eat.

  • Amazonann77

    Will you be selling these at Vitamin Cottage locations in Denver soon?

    • Julian Bakery

      Yes, within a month!

  • Rita

    Where can I buy these cookies? I live in Whitehall, PA Can you please e-mail me at I was wondering if there was a store around here. Rita

  • Julian Bakery

    Whey protein has nothing to do with gluten.

  • Kisha Deann Majors

    I just bought some of these at Oregon’s Natural Market in Ontario. And I picked up the ginger spice. The spice defiantly has a kick. And it doesn’t lack in flavor or texture. I’m already addicted and wanting to try the chocolate brand. YUM!

  • Kisha Deann Majors

    I just bought some of these at Oregon’s Natural Market in Ontario. And I picked up the ginger spice. The spice defiantly has a kick. And it doesn’t lack in flavor or texture. I’m already addicted and wanting to try the chocolate brand. YUM!

  • Julian Bakery

    They don’t sell the Zero Cookies yet but they will soon.

  • Hmrstar

    All cookies are good. Brownies are yummy. Apple cinnamon bread is great

  • Why do u need to know!

    OMG it’s about time some makes cookies like these! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!

  • Yayasbabyboy2008

    I know you cookies are gluten free are they also ceasen free my grandson is autistic and on a gluten ceasen free diet i want to know if these are safe for him to eat.

    • Julian Bakery

      The Zero Cookies do have whey in them so it may contain a small amount of casein.

  • Baltimore Website Designer

    What is the launch date for the cookies to be in the stores?

  • Baltimore Website Designer

    OMG..I can’t wait to try these cookies. I have been looking for a cookie product like this!! Thanks so much!! WooHoo!

  • Rbeach

    do you sell the cookies in Texas

  • R. Anderson

    would love it if you made these in a vegan variety!

  • Polera Julia

    Can we buy these cookies in New York City NY

    • Julian Bakery

      Within 1 to 2 months you will be able to buy our Zero Cookies at all stores listed on our store locator page:

  • Inez Polera

    Can the bread be frozen? Are you coming to Whole Foods in NJ?

    • Julian Bakery

      Yes, our bread freezes great up to three months. Our bread should be on WF Shelves in NJ at the end of the year. Your best bet is to buy 6 or more and UPS Ground shipping is $5.95 or UPS 2 Day is $15

  • Tony Harrington

    I just purchased a package of the chocolate cookies and the ginger spice cookies. I will review them when they get in. I am looking forward to trying these as part of a low carb healthy lifestyle.

  • Suzgoldstein

    Is there any place in Atlanta, Ga that carries your cookies/

    • Julian Bakery

      Right now our cookies are available online only and if you order 6 or more items UPS Ground shipping is $5.95 or UPS 2 Day is $15

  • Julian Bakery

    Check out the amazing gluten free protein bars we have that come in 11 different flavors:

  • Julian Bakery

    We offer our product in Reno, NV at this store:
    Country Health
    319 E. Moana Lane
    Reno, NV 89502
    Phone: 775 827 4202

  • Julian Bakery

    Yes, they are soy free!

  • Julian Bakery

    You will soon be able to buy them at Whole Foods market. For now if you buy 6 or more items from our online store UPS Ground will be $5.95

  • Roxanne123

    were do i buy them im in florida highlands county

    • Julian Bakery

      Right now they are only available online. If you buy Qty 6 or more items however UPS Ground is $5.95!

  • Julian Bakery

    We are working on a dairy free version.

  • Julian Bakery

    No we do not make cakes. We do sell Pasta, Bread, and Cookies that are all Gluten Free…..Oh and Protein Bars!

  • Seniledragonfly

    Will definately have to order some ASAP. I have Celiac and my husband is borderline diabetic.

  • Krazytrain85364

    my only question is what stores can you buy these in since I cannot order them online?

  • Julian Bakery

    Yes, the Zero Cookies are soy free!

  • Vickie_c28

    Will they be available in Canada? Those looks really good and Delicious!

    • Julian Bakery

      We are working on worldwide distribution!

  • Amelia Young

    do these give you a laxative effect like so many other products that are available in the stores now

    • Julian Bakery

      No they do not give you a laxative effect. If you eat more than 5 cookies however you may feel the need to go as they do have fiber.

  • Maureen

    Do you have a combo pack? Like 2 of each in a package?

  • Melissa

    sounds great! Will they be available in stores soon, like Natural Grocers or Sprouts?

  • Julian Bakery

    Within 1-2 Months The Zero Cookies will be in the Whole Foods Market in Long Beach!


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